TomTom Start 50M Car GPS Review

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Now that the world has become a lot more interconnected, GPS devices like the TomTom Start 50M line has become more relevant than ever before. Sure, you could use the GPS functions of your smartphones and other Wi-Fi capable devices if you wanted to, but they will never be as accurate as devices that are specifically made for GPS functionality.

Add to that the storage capacity of most smartphones and their battery power issues and you can quickly see why the line of TomTom Start units is more relevant pieces of technology.

TomTom Start 50M Car GPS

TomTom START 50M Car GPS

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The Start 50M of TomTom boasts a great list of features as a result of its sophisticated specifications. Expect nothing but the best in this car GPS device from TomTom. Some of the more notable features of this device are as follows:

  • 5-inch display with back light
  • Lifetime Map Updates
  • Preloaded Maps
  • Text-to-speech
  • Turn-by-turn voice prompts
  • IQ routes (Faster routes, more accurate ETA)
  • Map share
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Highway and Toll avoidance
  • Fuel price information
  • TomTom Roadside Assistance
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery (rechargeable with 3-hour battery life)
  • Automatic rerouting
  • 3D Map View
  • Built-in Base Maps
  • Bluetooth
  • PC connectivity
  • 2GB internal flash memory


You will likely find a lot of things about the Start 50M GPS unit by TomTom that are attractive but just for the sake of clarity, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this device. We’ll go with the advantages first.

  1. Large, full color display

You want to be able to take a glance at your device and understand within a split second what your situation is or how you should proceed without taking your eyes away from the road that long. That’s what the 5-inch display of this unit is good at, particularly with the bright back light and the full map color feature.

  1. Preloaded Maps with Lifetime Updates

You don’t want to be surprised one day when the roads you took before with the TomTom Start 50M car GPS has changed and the device is no longer serving you as well as it should. This won’t happen though because you get lifetime updates along with the preloaded maps that you get with this unit.

  1. Avoid traffic and get directions on the go

When it comes to being updated in real time while on the road, TomTom’s Start 50M is definitely one of the most reliable in the market. With the text-to-speech, the turn-by-turn voice prompt as well as the IQ Routes features, you are more likely to get to your destination at a faster rate. The IQ Routes feature is especially helpful since it finds the fastest route for you to take and accurately calculates the time it would take to get there so you can inform anyone waiting for you at the end.

  1. Reduce your chance of frustration in strange places

TomTom Start 50M Car GPS - suction mountThe Advanced Lane Guidance, Life Traffic and the Highway and Toll Avoidance features handle the things that make car GPS units so indispensible. As their names might suggest, these features help you by making sure you never have to guess which lanes you should take if you are in a new environment and that you can take the routes that suit you best.

Of course, the previous feature discussed can cut the time it takes to get anywhere short. However, if you like to experience the road on a more personal level, you certainly can. More than that, you can also take detours that help you get to know brand new places so that you absorb everything a lot better.

  1. Always know where gas stations are

When on a long road trip, knowing where the gas stations are, is definitely a must for you to make sure that you don’t run out of gas while on the road. The Fuel Price Information feature helps you keep track of which gas stations are near you and obviously, what the price of their services are. Incidentally, this can also help you save money when used right.

  1. Alternate routes available

Just in case you get in a bind wherein you land in a situation where you need an alternate route, the TomTom Start 50M can oblige. All you really need is to know where you want to go and input the conditions you have in mind.


When you compare the TomTom Start line of car GPS units, you aren’t likely to say that it has equal resolution to smartphones or tablets that offer GPS functionality that are sold nowadays. To anyone who likes their resolutions high, this could be a problem.

Final Verdict

TomTom Start 50M Car GPS

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Though you can certainly use most smart devices these days for their GPS capabilities, there is no doubt that the TomTom Start 50M line still has a role to play in guiding travelers to their destinations. With the sheer number of features that were specifically made for that purpose on the table with these car GPS devices, there is very little doubt that you would want them with you for long-distance travels. After all, we all know how annoying it can be when we get lost and it’s even worse when someone is with us complaining.