TomTom Runner GPS Watch Review

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With the advent of increasingly convenient technology in sports today, even non-athlete runners have access to GPS watches like the TomTom Runner GPS watch line. These devices often come with features that surpass their expected functionality nowadays, to the delight of customers. However, with so many choices in the market, it can be difficult to find the watch that really speaks to you. As such, here are a few things about TomTom’s gadgets that you might want to know.

Before going into the specifics though, it should be noted that this company is known more for providing devices that offer general GPS functions such as maps, finding directions and even giving you status updates regarding traffic. The TomTom Runner changed that though by bursting into the scene and causing quite the fuss in the fitness community.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

TomTom Runner GPS Watch Grey

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There are a host of features that the GPS watch can provide customers with, but we’ll be focusing on the basics which amount to the following:

  • Simplistic Design
  • Display is extra-large and graphics fill up the screen
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • Offers 3 modes for training
  • Easy performance comparison
  • Weather-proof and waterproof
  • Has 10-hour battery life
  • Compatible with numerous platforms

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One of the things that pragmatic customers might instantly notice about the GPS Runner watch by TomTom is the lack of any fancy additions to the design of the gadget. There is nothing flashy about it that would have been geared towards catching attention but only hinders mobility and might even result in discomfort.

  • Display

The fact that the display of the TomTom GPS watch can be extra-large and have full graphics allows runners to take a glance at the watch to get a status update. This saves them from the distraction of having to raise the watch to eye level or to glance down at the watch which could lead to distractions.

  • Menu Navigation

Because the menu of the watch can be easily navigated, even beginners will have no problem making full use of the gadget. This is even more of a plus for experienced runners because then they can focus on making progress.

  • Training Modes

The watch offers three training modes that runners can choose from which are Race, Goal and finally, Zone. As the name might imply, Race can help you increase your top speed or pace depending on the sort of event you are preparing for. Goal gives you the option to set a particular figure, speed or distance to aim for. Zone is the one you want if you simply wish to stay comfortable.

  • Performance Comparison

For runners who want to make as much progress as possible, being able to accurately compare their previous performance to their current ones is a must. This allows them to push themselves even harder or to plan their runs better. There is also the matter of safety since runners would then know just how fast they need to go and when to pull back.

  • Durable

The Runner watch by TomTom is an all-weather device that is as durable as they come and waterproof to boot. This allows runners to go out even when it rains or snows and still keep track of their progress.

  • Battery Life

The 10-hour battery life of the watch gives runners plenty of time to go out, train and come back to record the appropriate factors long before the watch dies out on them. This allows for uninterrupted running and tracking.

  • Multi-platform Compatibility

The TomTom Runner GPS watch is able to sync with a multitude of sites as well as apps so that runners can upload information gathered by the device. Runners would then be able to share the information with other runners or to analyze the data appropriately with the right platform. Read more about the multi-platform compatibility in the manual.

Pros & Cons

So, how does the TomTom Runner perform? Here are the pros and cons. The advantages include convenience, comfort, accuracy, adaptability and being lightweight. Unfortunately, the watch can be a tad expensive and might not suit some runners’ taste for flair.

Final Verdict

TomTom Runner GPS Watch Green-Deep Blue

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The Runner GPS watch made by TomTom is definitely something that you want on your side if your goal is to become a faster, better runner. It can give you all the information that you could ask for so that you will always be in the right lane. It is also unobtrusive so even as you are making progress because of it, you won’t be distracted by its presence. The watch is just there when you need it.

One thing to note though is that some folks might think that the watch is a little costly for their taste. Also, there are those who want their GPS watches to look cute or to be eye-catching, and such descriptions might not apply to this watch by TomTom as easily.