TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS Review

Considered as a top sat-nav unit for any motorcycle rider today, the TomTom Rider works incredibly great and is definitely one of the top choices for those who are shopping for a good GPS navigator. This allows full customization in order to give users more freedom on the routes they want to take as it offers limitless possibilities.

This navigation tool will not just simply show users where to go but it gives several options and let the user choose. So whether you want to reach your destination the soonest time possible or leisurely ride and explore the route, the Rider of TomTom could be your best partner on the road.

TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS

TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS - overview

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With the help of this TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS device, you can easily discover unheard but fantastic spots. This navigation device makes it possible to turn what would be an ordinary weekend into an adventure-packed one. With the range of possibilities that this comes with, users might be confuse on which to do first but one thing is for sure, this navigation tool will inspire you to ride more.

Also known around the internet as Rider V5, this is as straightforward as it can possibly be. There are no qualms and no cutesy but nonsense features but a long list of helpful features that makes the TomTom motorcycle GPS model Rider not just highly efficient but promotes safety as well. Check out more of the specific details of the TomTom Rider navigation device.

  • 3-inch glove-friendly sunlight readable touchscreen
  • Screen resolution of 480 x 272 pixels
  • Winding Roads Routes
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates
  • All-Weather Device
  • Upload Routes
  • PC Route Management via Tyre
  • Points of Interest
  • Sunlight Visibility
  • Instructions via Bluetooth Headset
  • Vehicle RAM Mounting Kit
  • Charging Bike Dock
  • US & Canada Map Coverage
  • TomTom Map Share Community
  • Trip Recording
  • Smartphone connection possible via Bluetooth
  • Battery life of up to 6 hours autonomous operation
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • IPX7 – Waterproof

TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS - plan route on pcPros

Think of TomTom’s always user-friendly mapping all squeezed into a durable, tough, waterproof case and the result is the Rider. It looks chunkier than normal but you will later thank TomTom for designing it that way once you go on your first motorcycle ride with it.

Plan your trips in the most sophisticated way possible with this TomTom Rider as it comes with numerous features to make every trip interesting and definitely worthwhile. Learn more of these features below.

  • Planning a route or a new thrill

Whether you want to take an easy route to just unwind for the afternoon or need a pick-me-up thrilling weekend adventure or long road trip, the Rider made by TomTom will serve accordingly. Topping the list of features is the Winding Routes where this navigation device shows different routes from which the user can choose the one with the most winding curves, hence, would result to a totally adrenaline pumping experience.

In addition, this also lets users manage itineraries through Tyre. This is possible through PC Route Management via Tyre so you can plan way ahead and make sure everything is fully set even before the actual travel day. With Tyre, users can also search, create, and edit routes on the computer before uploading them to the TomTom Rider.

  • TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS 2015Free lifetime maps

In the previous years, users would have to get an account and sign up for a membership in order to get access to updated maps. Today, TomTom motorcycle GPS device, Rider, offers users free Lifetime Maps for as long as you use this navigation device.

With these useful and handy maps, motorcycle riders can get to their destination way faster. A user is allowed to download four or more full updates every single year for the rest of the life of the given product. With this, updates will be received with regards to road network, addresses, and points of interest.

  • Ease of use

TomTom is not just famous for their great talent in squeezing features into every device but for ease of use as well. Navigation is generally easy and fast which makes using this device a pleasure. The Bluetooth capability further makes using the TomTom Rider comfortable and safe.

Get your Bluetooth-capable headset and keep your hands free during all your travels and have the instructions directly delivered through your helmet headset. With this capability, riders can focus more on the road for as long as the route and GPS are already activated. Read about all the features in the operations manual.


Having used different navigation devices for motorcycles for many years, many consumers are impressed with the Rider’s interface software, which pretty much works like the competition but way friendlier. However, some say that TomTom could have made the cable a bit longer.

Final Verdict

TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS - models

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The TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS is more than just a pretty good navigation device, it is more than satisfying given the fact that it would not cost you a fortune yet deliver more or less the same wonderful features. It has got excellent mapping and community routes and most of all, it is built tough to be able to withstand being always on the road.