TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review

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The latest Multi-Sport GPS Watch by TomTom is a follow-up to the one released a few years ago, which was received with praise. However, there were some missing aspects to the previous design which the new one aims to improve on. The result is a next generation GPS watch that is able to provide runners with a number of helpful features.

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

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Sports watches have become the latest in the innovations related to fitness and health that have taken the world by storm. These days even everyday runners who do the activity for health reasons or simply because they like to run, can get their own GPS watches that provide them with a myriad of functions to help them out. The TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is such a great gadget.

This TomTom Multi-Sport Watch can offer a number of things to runners, but talking about all of them would make for a pretty long discussion. As such, here are some of the key features of the device which are likely going to be the main concerns anyway:

  • Extra-large display
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Excellent GPS functionality
  • Good compatibility with a multitude of platforms
  • One-button control
  • Offers interval training option
  • Heart-rate monitor
  • Versatile training modes


The extra-large display that the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS device offers comes with full-screen graphics which then allow you to track your progress with just a glance. This is much more convenient compared to how people usually look at their watches which is either to raise their wrists to eye level or to look down at the watch, taking their gaze away from the road.

Watch Design

TomTom gave their watch an ultra-slim design so that it doesn’t get in the way of the runners wearing them. The lightness of the devices and the slimness of the frame ensure that even while it is taking accurate data, runners are barely even aware of its presence.


Since the TomTom Multi-Sport Watch is essentially a GPS device, this is of course a significant part of the deal. Fortunately, the QuickGPSFix Technology of the watch allows it to quickly pinpoint your location for accurate and speedy tracking.


Keeping track of one’s progress is good and all, but some folks like to be able to share the data they have gathered and compare it with other runners. This is why the watch’s ability to sync with most platforms online or through apps is so important (for iPhone app see here). Runners can also learn about any mistake they are making or ways to get better results through sharing.

One-button Control

Because this GPS Watch from TomTom has a one-button control, even those just starting out can use the device without a hitch. It’s likely that experienced runners would be the ones to get the most out of the device though by allowing them to cut corners without compromising results.

Interval Training

Interval training is easy enough to keep track of but TomTom just made it even easier through the Multi-Sport watch. The device allows them to keep better track of the changes in intensity in their training to produce the best results.

Heart-rate Monitor

Accurate reading of the rate the heart is beating is important in achieving the best results in running or any fitness routine in general. The heart-rate monitor aspect of TomTom’s Multi-Sport GPS Watch offers excellent training support in this area by being as accurate as can be expected as well as being non-invasive.

Versatile Training Modes

This multi-sport watch offers versatile training modes that allow runners to set the pace and goals that they have and meet their expectations. Race is for performers who want to really increase their chances at improving. Zone is compatible with those who view running as a hobby.

Every device has pros and cons no matter how good it is. The same goes for the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch. It’s reliable, durable and convenient. The data gathering is accurate and it’s comfortable to wear. However, the features might not fit every occasion and need plus it might not offer explosive aesthetics for style.

Final Verdict

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Overall, the TomTom Multi-Sport Watch is a wonderful device that will prove quite useful for novice and expert runners alike. The features are convenient and compatible with most activities related to running and tracking is made easy. The device is also considerably durable, which allows for confidence when going through particularly challenging areas that involve wetness or cold.

It should be said however, that the device itself should be considered carefully before making a purchase. The price is not exactly cheap, especially for something that can’t be considered that essential for success. Still, for those who have the means to get it, using this device to help them achieve their goals would help.