Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics Marine GPS Fish Finder Review

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Combining navigation together with Raymarine’s advanced dual-channel CHIRP sonar, the Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics marine GPS fish finder takes underwater view to the new heights. The ingenious features let users maximize their fishing time with fish and other underwater species or objects being easily identified within a matter of seconds.

With its super sleek design, it features state-of-the-art sonar performance but remains to have a simple menu operation. It is true when they say that if you want to fish all day instead of spending half the day trying to figure out the controls, get this Raymarine Dragonfly 6 GPS / fish finder.

Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics Marine GPS Fish Finder

Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics Marine GPS Fish Finder

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With a capability to give an almost photo quality of underwater structures, the Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics is without a doubt one of the most advanced fish finders today. It lets users view high resolution structure images and at the same time efficiently target fish creating no confusion whatsoever between the two.

It reacts fast to whatever is moving underneath and is extremely easy to use. Switching between menu options is effortless. In addition to the new ideal design, it has a small footprint which most find advantageous. It even comes with a tilting/swiveling mount.

To know more about this ultimate GPS / fish finder / chart plotter, here are its more detailed specifications:

  • Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics Marine GPS Fish FinderLED Backlit
  • Sunlight viewable
  • Bright 5.7-inch display screen
  • 640 x 480 pixels
  • Built-in high sensitivity 50-channel internal GPS Antenna
  • Navionics Nav+ Charting
  • Dual-channel sonar
  • Wide-spectrum CHIRP Down Visor Sonar
  • Produces photo-like images within a second
  • CHIRP conventional sonar channel
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient Quick Release
  • Waterproofing Standard IPX 6 and IPX 7
  • 3000 Waypoints
  • Up to 15 tracks with up to 10,000 trackpoints each
  • Sonar Imagery of 120 meters usable depth
  • Temperature sensor
  • Supplied with CPT-60 Dual-Beam CHIRP reducer
  • Compatible with Navionics Silver and Gold
  • Chart media of MicroSD


The Raymarine Dragonfly 6 offers serious innovative marine GPS and fish finding technology for everyone. It comes with Raymarine’s award winning CHIRP DownVision technology which provides the close-to-reality images. We call it picture-like images, Raymarine calls it Visionality.

To educate you more on the various innovations that Raymarine has incorporated in this Dragonfly 6 Navionics, here are some of its best features:

  1. The Dual Channel CHIRP Technology

This Dragonfly 6 Navionics uses not just one but two discreet CHIRP sonar channels to produce high-quality images on the screen. First, there is an ultra-high resolution DownVision channel and second comes the high-resolution sonar channel that targets fish.

The two technologies mentioned above work side by side with each other and can be viewed in a split screen mode which therefore offers ultimate underwater intelligence. With these technologies, one is assured to never miss a thing that is happening under the boat.

  1. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Wherever is the most comfortable place for the user, this Raymarine Dragonfly 6 can be mounted on just about anywhere. It comes with its own mounting bracket and hardware.

This device has been especially designed to be ideal for both closed and open cockpit installations since it features spray and submersion protection that adheres to IPX6 and IPX7 waterproofing standards.

Once installed, the Dragonfly 6 Navionics GPS can be secured with the tilt/swivel quick release holster that even comes with an optional locking core.

  1. Ease of Use

Despite its advanced technology, it would not take you weeks or even a whole day to be a Dragonfly expert. Explore it upon installation and the Dragonfly 6 will make you a master in no time.

From the easy screen switcher to simple three button control and the uni-controller joystick cursor and rotary dial, every great feature that this device offers can be easily accessed and understood. In fact, this is way easier to operate than it actually looks and sounds like.


From the display alone, customers are instantly won over by this Raymarine Dragonfly 6 marine GPS. With further exploration of this easy-to-use device, people fur get head over heels with its numerous advanced and helpful features.

At its current price of a little over $650, some consider this a major purchase and therefore hold back. But for those who have used various marine GPS devices before, they know that a device with these brilliant features is one of the greatest investments that anyone who loves fishing and boating can make.

Final Verdict

Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics Marine GPS Fish Finder - chart

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With things claiming to be as great as this, to see is to believe. Because of this, we dare you to check out the Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics marine GPS / fish finder to see for yourself all the fantastic features we have mentioned. It’s the same quality and high-specs GPS and fish finding device as its brother, the Dragonfly 7. The Dragonfly series features cutting edge sonar performance that will not just leave you in awe but a wonderful fishing or boating experience each and every time you go out to the sea.