Magellan Crossover GPS watches

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The Magellan Switch and Switch Up Crossover GPS watches are perfect for anyone into sports who needs accurate GPS capabilities. Let us get to know these wonderful Magellan Crossover GPS watches more.

Magellan Switch Crossover

Magellan Switch Crossover GPS Watch
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Magellan Switch Up Crossover

Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch with Mounts and Heart Rate Monitor
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Best Price on Amazon

The Magellan Crossover GPS watches are perfect for anyone who participates in several sports such as running, hiking, biking, or swimming. These have proven time and again to be of great help to those who train for triathlons. They are durable, powerful, adaptable, and comes with customizable options to help you meet the demands of your chosen sport.

Though originally designed with triathletes in mind, anyone who is into any of the sports mentioned above could put this into great use. Are you even aware that the some of the brains behind Garmin helped create these fantastic watches? Yes and they have carried with them a great deal of knowledge and experience which made these Magellan Crossover GPS watches way above fantastic.

Basically, these Crossover GPS watches are divided into two types – the Switch Up and the Switch. The Switch is the basic one which caters for runners who do also train in other sports. The Switch Up, on the other hand, is a fully loaded crossover GPS watch which is specifically designed to be the all-in-one device that multisport athletes need.

Different Features of Magellan Crossover GPS Watches

In this section, we are going to discuss the features that can be found on both the Magellan Crossover GPS watches – the Switch and the Switch Up. But first, let us set aside their differences.

Remember that the Switch, being the basic version can be expandable to other sports other than running with the right optional accessories. Keep in mind that this has the ANT+ wireless technology, thus, can easily connect optional accessories.

The Switch Up, however, comes fully loaded as it is. It even comes with a multisport mounting kit. In addition, this also has vibrating alerts, barometric altimeter, and thermometer which the basic Switch does not have though one can use optional compatible accessories.

As far as look and feel goes, both the GPS watches look quite big and bulky. But you will be amazed on how comfortable it sits on the wrist once it is worn. In fact, critics say that it could easily pass as a sporty every day watch.

Comparing the Switch and Switch Up side by side, we noticed that the quick release kit in the Switch Up gives it extra bulkiness. If that is to be removed, both pretty much looks the same. The main difference would lie underneath. The Switch Up has a barometric altimeter while the basic Switch is GPS-based. Other differences are the temperature gauge and vibration alerts that are present on the more advanced Switch Up.

With regards to the quick release kit, it is true that you can always get this at a later time should you decide to pick the basic Switch. However, what one must keep in mind is that the internal chips are the ones that cannot be upgraded at a later time. If you choose the basic Switch, you cannot upgrade the GPS-based tracking to the barometric altimeter and you cannot add on temperature gauge or the vibration alert.

Now that we have cleared their differences, let us proceed with the numerous great features they share:

  1. Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch with Mounts and Heart Rate MonitorSatellite Accuracy

Being a brand that is regarded as one of the innovative leaders in portable GPS navigation, there is no issue here whatsoever. The Magellan Crossover GPS watches are highly accurate and always reliable. It may take some time initially to establish a good connection but once it is done, you will never ever have to worry about losing track again.

Some critics were comparing the GPS accuracy to that of Garmin’s but some were quick to reiterate that Garmin indeed has a big but narrower range compared to Magellan’s big and wide range.

  1. Activity Pacer

Initially called the estimated arrival/estimated pace differential when the basic Switch was introduced to the market, this later became known as the activity pacer with the newer Switch Up. Despite the name changes, this still remains one of the coolest features of Magellan Crossover GPS watches.

This basically tells the pace you are going, if you are hitting your target pace, and your estimated time of arrival. You must already have seen this with Garmin but not all the other GPS watches can indicate one’s estimated time of arrival. This is actually what makes these Magellan Crossover GPS watches more special and interesting than the others.

  1. Customization Options

Magellan Switch Crossover GPS Watch - runningDespite the basic Switch being designed for running, it still shares this feature with the more advanced Switch Up. Both offer the great option of creating up to 9 different sport profiles. Critics are totally amazed with this capability while sports enthusiasts go crazy with it.

There is a different screen designated for each profile which makes things way easier. In addition, one can even mix different formats. It is absolutely customizable to your liking. As a result, we expect everyone who gets any of these two amazing Magellan Crossover GPS watches to be totally inspired to reach their goals.

  1. Open water/Lap Swimming

Both the Magellan Crossover GPS watches are fully waterproofed of up to 50 meters deep. Yes, despite the fact that the basic Switch watch is originally designed for running, Magellan thought that adding in this great feature would make it more suitable and so it is.

However, if it is accuracy you are after, the Switch Up gives the most accurate measurements. It even shows the actual course (which is pretty accurate especially if compared to other GPS watches).

If running is the sports that matters most to you, then you would do more than fine with the Magellan Switch. But if you plan on engaging on other sports or have high hopes of one day joining a triathlon, you might as well train as early as now and do better with the Magellan Switch Up. It does cost a bit higher at anywhere around $200 to $250 but considering its wide array of functions and long list of benefits, it still is a practical choice.

Founded in 1986, Magellan is regarded as one of the innovative leaders in the portable GPS navigation consumer electronics industry. To date, they have over 200 key patents as far as GPS technology is concerned. They are the brains and hands behind the award-winning portable car navigation products Magellan RoadMate and the other hiking handheld navigation devices eXplorist.