TomTom VIA 1435TM Car GPS Review

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Since its founding in 1991, TomTom has become a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and GPS devices. One of the most sought after GPS systems produced by TomTom is the VIA 1435TM. Part of TomTom’s new VIA series, the 1435TM has been extremely popular since its release in 2012 because it offers high-end performance at a modest price. The VIA 1435TM combines over twenty years of GPS technology into one slim, ultra-responsive package that will save you money and give you a better driving experience.

Packed with tons of features and premium content, the 1435TM is one of the first GPS systems to offer voice-activated navigation. The user no longer has to take their hands off the wheel to adjust the TomTom, all they have to do is say where they want to go. The TomTom VIA 1435TM performs better than other products with voice command technology, because the VIA recognizes a wide variety of commands and is able to differentiate between background noise and the user’s voice. There are also many variations of the same command programmed into the VIA’s phrase database, so no matter how you say an address it will be detected and understood by the GPS.

TomTom VIA 1435TM Car GPS

TomTom VIA 1435TM 4.3-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator

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  • The TomTom VIA 1435TM is completely voice activated and has a sensitive built-in microphone
  • The VIA 1435TM has a 4.3 inch wide 16:9 resistive touch screen that displays at 480 x 272 pixels
  • The mount for the GPS comes integrated into the back of the device and can be mounted on either the windshield or the dashboard
  • The device weighs a total of 6.4 ounces and measures 5.3 inches by 3.7 inches by 1.3 inches
  • The navigator contains a highly sensitive GPS chipset that can detect your location to within a foot
  • The TomTom VIA 1435TM has several gigabytes of internal memory as well as an external microSD slot that you can load up with downloadable content and programmable routes
  • The GPS is Bluetooth connective and can be used for hands free calling
  • The device is programmed with over 30 different languages
  • The TomTom VIA 1435TM comes with a USB car charger, a dashboard mounting disk, and a USB cable
  • The GPS comes preprogrammed with maps for all of North America including, the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico


Designed to incorporate TomTom’s standard applications with the VIA’s new programming, the VIA 1435TM packs many features into one small package. The VIA comes with a large 4.3 inch widescreen display that’s easy to read and features complete touchscreen controls. The Via comes prepackaged with TomTom’s new Split Screen Junction View that gives you much better directions when driving on the freeway or at complicated intersections. When you’re approaching your exit on the freeway, the VIA’s screen splits in two displaying both a 3D roadmap with signs and arrows to direct you to the correct lane, and a birds-eye view of the area so you know where you’re headed.

Full Bluetooth Integration

Staying up to date with modern trends in consumer electronics, the VIA 1435TM features one of the most advanced Bluetooth systems to ever be incorporated in a high-end GPS device. After connecting your smartphone to the GPS via Bluetooth, calls are automatically routed to the VIA letting you use the built-in speaker and microphone system to make and receive high quality calls without diverting your attention from the road. You can also sync your MP3 player to the GPS and use the VIA as a voice activated speaker system.

Premium Maps

Every TomTom product comes with complete maps of both the United States and Canada, but with the VIA 1435TM you get more maps than any other car GPS on the market. The VIA includes complete roadmaps of Mexico that are updated frequently and give you the same level of accuracy as the US and Canada maps. Along with complete maps of Mexico, the VIA premium map plan includes over a million miles of mapped roads in the United States that aren’t covered by other GPS brands.


  • The TomTom VIA 1435TM is one of the first 100 percent hands free GPS devices, all you have to do is speak and the GPS will detect your commands
  • The PGS display will always stay right side up, even when the device is turned upside down
  • The suction cup on the windshield mount is very strong and doesn’t come off the windshield easily
  • The streamlined interface of the VIA 1435TM makes finding the right menu a breeze
  • TomTom’s IQ Routes database works like a charm and saves the user a lot of time and aggravation
  • The GPS is very easy to set up and use
  • The TomTom VIA 1435TM comes with the latest in Bluetooth technology
  • The device offers great value-for-money
  • The TomTom VIA 1435TM give you an alert if you’re driving over the speed limit or if you’re about to enter a school zone
  • The touch screen is responsive and easy to navigate


  • Sometimes the voice activation can mishear you if you are driving on a noisy road
  • You can’t set up multi-destination routing, you have to select each location manually
  • The speed limit warnings don’t show up on every road
  • The VIA 1435TM can take some time to acquire satellites on cloudy or overcast days

Final Verdict

TomTom VIA 1435TM 4.3-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator -2

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With the inclusion of so many new innovations and features, the VIA 1435TM has become one of the most popular high-end navigation systems produced by TomTom. GPS devices are essential tools for safely traveling from one location to another.

The VIA 1435TM offers a streamlined driving experience with many new helpful features that let you to enjoy the drive and focus on the road ahead. Praised by reviewers, the VIA 1435TM has a buyer approval rating of over 90 percent, making it one of the most highly regarded GPS systems on the market today.

Competitively priced and loaded with modern amenities, the VIA 1435TM puts the fun back in driving.