TomTom Start 45M Car GPS Review

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Released recently, the TomTom Start 45M has been a favorite among motorists since its release. The sleek design, simple interface, and competitive price of the Start 45M makes it very desirable for anyone looking for an aftermarket GPS. Even though the TomTom Start 45M is simple in design, it doesn’t leave out any of the features you’d expect to find in a modern navigation system. The GPS gives precise instructions on how to reach your destination and will find you the best routes to get there as quickly as possible.

TomTom has a long history of designing and producing quality GPS devices. Bringing together their years of research and development, TomTom has produced a powerful GPS system that you can depend upon.

TomTom Start 45M Car GPS

TomTom START 45M 4.3-Inch GPS Navigator

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It’s likely that purchasers of the TomTom Start 45M will use the device for years without feeling like they need to upgrade to a newer model. The TomTom Start 45M has everything a driver could want in one streamlined package. The 45M proves that a lower priced GPS unit can still provide you with many of the important features usually found on higher priced models.


  • GPS connected windshield mounted mobile navigation system
  • The TomTom Start 45M comes with a 4.3 inch wide 16:9 aspect interactive touchscreen
  • The GPS can be hooked up to your computer to receive free lifetime map updates of the United States of America and Canada
  • The device displays 3D and isometric style lanes to help direct you to the exact lane you need to be in
  • The screen has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels
  • The TomTom Start 45M comes with complete maps of the continental United States, Canada, and Alaska
  • The GPS comes with a Lithium-ion battery pack that can be used for over three hours before it needs to be recharged
  • The total weight of the product comes in at just under 6.9 ounces
  • The 45M has a length of 4.7 inches, a width of 0.1 inch, and a height of 3.2 inches
  • The package comes with a mini-USB cable that can be plugged into your computer to download map updates and firmware patches
  • The TomTom Start 45M also comes with a USB car charger and a built-in windshield mount
  • This model comes prepackaged with TomTom Roadside assistance, so you can contact a tow truck or emergency services from your GPS system


The TomTom Start 45M is fully optimized to handle all of the features TomTom has developed and implemented into their car GPS products over the past ten years. The Start 45M gives you Advanced Lane Guidance when you pull up to an intersection or get on the highway. The Advanced guidance system then shows you exactly which lane you need to be in as you approach your exit, turn, or intersection. This feature is extremely helpful if you often drive on highways or freeways in unfamiliar places. The GPS warns you well in advance which lane you need to be in, making your trip much less stressful.

Location Information

Programmed with over eight million points of interest, the TomTom Start 45M gives you a list of local landmarks, restaurants, hotels, and gas stations, at the push of a button. You can also download additional points of interest from TomTom HOME for free when you connect your GPS to a computer. The Start 45M also comes programmed with the current gas prices in your area, so if you need to refuel the 45M will display the filling station that gives you the best deal. If you connect your GPS to the TomTom HOME page often, you’ll be able to download the most up-to-date fuel prices for rest stops across the nation.

Built-In Roadside Assistance

Every TomTom Start 45M comes programmed with TomTom’s Roadside Assistance services. From one screen you’ll be able to get into contact with a TomTom professional who will direct you to the nearest towing agency, or can call emergency services to your location. TomTom’s Roadside Assistance will connect you to whatever specialist you need, wherever you happen to be stopped. Roadside Assistance comes free with every TomTom Start 45M unit, so you don’t need to worry about paying membership fees or monthly subscriptions.


  • The TomTom Start 45M is sold at a very competitive price
  • If you buy the Lifetime Maps model of the Start 45M you’ll have access to unlimited map updates for the United States and Canada
  • You’re able to access TomTom’s roadside assistance service for free
  • The 3D lane guide helps you get through complex junctions and intersections with ease
  • IQ routes always finds the fastest way to get to your destination
  • The TomTom Start 45M keeps track of your current speed and displays a helpful reminder of the current speed limit
  • The GPS warns you of speed cameras down the road, so you won’t get caught in known speed traps
  • Street names are spoken to you by the GPS, so you never have to take your eyes off the road to fiddle with the device
  • The TomTom Start 45M displays the cheapest filling stations in your area to help you save money if you need to refuel in an unfamiliar location
  • The Device turns on quickly and acquires a satellite connection much faster than other GPS systems


  • The TomTom Start 45M doesn’t support Bluetooth, so you aren’t able to connect your smartphone or MP3 player to the GPS
  • The GPS doesn’t have any voice-activated features, so you have to access everything through the touchscreen
  • The screen is slightly smaller than the average GPS device

Final Verdict

TomTom START 45M 4.3-Inch GPS Navigator -2

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One of the best value-for-money navigation systems on the market, the TomTom Start 45M is a powerful and reliable GPS that won’t let you down. Highly rated by its users, the Start 45M is rated at four stars or more by the vast majority of people who have written reviews.

The GPS provides a streamlined user interface allowing the device to be easily navigated by anyone, regardless of previous tech experience.

Overall, the TomTom Start 45M is accurate, dependable, and reasonably priced, making it a one of the best car GPS devices currently offered by TomTom.