TomTom Go Car GPS Reviews

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First the Specific Models

TomTom Go 500

TomTom GO 500 Portable Vehicle GPS

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The TomTom Go 500 series is a 5 inch display model in this product lineup, and comes complete with all of the advanced technology and special features mentioned above. You’ll enjoy 3-D mapping technology with real-time landmarks, a lifetime of North American maps, and TomTom Traffic that helps you avoid costly delays along your route. The normal price for the TomTom Go 500 is $249.99.

TomTom Go 600

TomTom GO 600 Portable Vehicle GPS

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Basically an overgrown TomTom Go 500, the TomTom Go 600 offers you all of the same benefits and advantages that the smaller unit does but with a 6 inch touchscreen. This helps you better analyze the information that the TomTom system is streaming at you a while to safely navigate the roads you are, and also makes controlling the system a little bit easier. The normal price for the TomTom Go 600 is $299.99 (full review).

TomTom Go 740

TomTom GO 740 Live

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Finally, we have the TomTom Go 740.

This device offers a 4.3 inch widescreen with touch capabilities, but also has a real-time connection to the Internet to help provide you with more information, more up-to-date data, and more capabilities than most other top-of-the-line products out there right now.

It can connect and communicate with your smart phone through Bluetooth 4.0 technology as well. The normal price for the TomTom Go 740 is $399.99.

General Introduction

As far as the vehicle GPS units are concerned, the TomTom Go product lineup is an entirely different animal than the “rest of the pack”.

Instead of throwing gigantic high definition touch screens at you filled with data rich and text rich elements that could serve to distract your eyes from the task at hand (you know, safely directing you to your destination), the TomTom Go products instead put you back in command of your navigational device while providing you with real-time feedback and information you need to get where you’re going safely!

Using innovative 3-D technology, almost all of the TomTom Go models offered today are able to reproduce the roads that you travel in stunning high definition but in a way that is so different than anything you have ever seen in the GPS world before.

Instead of zooming around on a two-dimensional map and hoping that you haven’t missed your turn, the TomTom Go product lineup is going to make sure that you know exactly where you are by closely “integrating” with the real world around you thanks to this breakthrough 3-D technology.

And that just begins to scratch the surface of what these amazing devices are capable of!

TomTom GO 600 Portable Vehicle GPS -2Features

There is a reason why more than 350 million drivers in the United States today trust TomTom devices and TomTom Traffic updates – a reason that you’ll begin to understand the moment you purchase your TomTom Go.

With TomTom GPS coverage that blankets the entirety of the North America (with far fewer “dead spots” and almost all of the competition), your new GPS unit is also going to provide you with incredible up to date real-time information about traffic, your traveling data, and a whole host of other critical elements without ever “cluttering up” your display.

This is probably as close to a heads up display (HUD) as you’re going to find in the aftermarket world until they begin producing ACTUAL HUD devices – which may not be all that far away. However, until then, you’ll find that the TomTom Go line of incredible GPS devices give you a distinct edge and advantage every single time you slide behind the wheel.

You’ll be able to enjoy 100% free lifetime map updates of the United States, Canada, and Mexico – completely covering and almost blanketing the entirety of North America. This kind of coverage just can’t be found with all other competitors, and gives you the kind of confidence you need to know that you’ll get exactly where you want to go without any headache or hassle whatsoever.

Form Factor

Each of the TomTom Go devices have been reengineered and redesigned to be smaller and more compact devices than most of the vehicle navigation systems out there right now – but there is a purpose behind this “shrinkage”.

Recent research and studies have shown that oversized navigational displays that frequently double as entertainment centers distract drivers more than just about anything else (outside of actual smart phones and mobile devices), and can lead to some very dangerous driving situations.

Because of this, the engineers at TomTom have instead decided to focus on creating smaller units that provide you with all of the information and data you need to safely get from one point to another without distracting you at any point along the way.

TomTom GO 500 Portable Vehicle GPS -2Accuracy

The accuracy that TomTom units provide is unparalleled on the market today, especially when you take all of North America into the equation.

Sure, there are some competitors that can come close to the same GPS coverage in the United States – but few (if any) can offer the complete and total blanket like coverage that TomTom devices provide you in Canada and Mexico as well.

When you combine this accuracy and consistency with lifetime map updates, alternate route guidance that actually works, and “Tap and Go” capabilities, you’re talking about an amazingly accurate GPS unit that gets you where you want to be without any wrong turns!


You’d think that after making GPS and mapping units for more than 25 years the people at TomTom could make a very durable and very reliable device – and you would be right!

Obviously you aren’t going to want to expose this device to outdoor elements unless you absolutely have to – but the lifetime subscriptions are going to live up to their name because these devices should last at least that long as well!

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to go with a GPS unit that you can trust and rely on.

It’s hard to imagine that there are any devices out there that could favorably compare with (or even directly compete with) the TomTom Go series of GPS units. They may not be picture-perfect across the board, but they are some of the closest to perfection GPS units we’ve ever seen!