TomTom Go 740 Car GPS Review

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One of the largest and most popular designers of GPS navigation systems, TomTom has recently unveiled their latest addition to their long list of consumer GPS devices. The TomTom Go 740 is a top-of-the-line vehicle navigation system that has become extremely popular on both sides of the Atlantic. European users prefer the TomTom Go 740 to other models because of its accuracy and precision in the cramped streets of cities and towns. North American users prefer the TomTom because of its proven reliability and handy form-factor.

The TomTom Go 740 gives the user real-time information that can save them time, money, and aggravation. The GO LIVE navigation system automatically receives information from traffic feed to plan routes around known trouble spots and traffic accidents. The GO LIVE feed will also display local fuel prices so you’ll never have to pay extra for a tank of gas. Even when you’re far away from home, the GO LIVE navigation system will automatically update your maps and direct you to the best routes and the cheapest fuel. You’ll also receive live weather updates at the push of a button that will warn you of any incoming storms that could otherwise ruin your trip.

TomTom Go 740 Car GPS

TomTom GO 740 Live Car GPS

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  • GPS-enabled automobile navigation system
  • The total weight of the GPS system comes out to just under one pound
  • The product measures 3.4 inches by 5 inches by 0.9 inches
  • The display is 4.3 inches wide with a 16:9 aspect widescreen display
  • The TomTom Go 740 has a touchscreen that can be used to navigate the menus and select destinations
  • The Go 740 is completely Bluetooth compatible and can have up to two devices synced at a time
  • The GPS can connect to Google and be used to surf the Internet
  • The device comes packaged with TomTom’s LIVE services including TomTom Traffic, Fuel Prices, and LIVE Weather
  • The TomTom Go 740 comes with complete maps of the United States and Canada as well as extra maps that can be downloaded through the TomTom Map Share program
  • The GPS has a small microphone in the front that is used for voice recognition as well as Bluetooth hands-free calling
  • The TomTom Go 740 speaks the street names so you never have to take your eyes off the road
  • The GPS also comes with TomTom’s Help Me! Emergency Menu that gives you easy access to local emergency services. From the Help Me! Emergency Menu you are able to contact the police, the fire department, the nearest hospital, or a local towing service if you break down


The TomTom Go 740 has many special applications that separate it from other GPS units and make it much more popular than a run-of-the-mill navigation device. The Go 740 is TomTom’s first GPS to feature built-in wireless data transfers and Internet access, which is a major breakthrough in GPS technology. The GPS is able to search Google for points-of-interest information and pull up reviews for restaurants and businesses, without using up your smartphone’s data plan.

IQ Routing

Popular in previous models of TomTom GPS systems, the IQ Routing feature makes a return in the TomTom Go with even more info and updates than ever before. The IQ studies data from your previous travels to a location and compares the information with the average speeds of people in your area. Then it analyzes the information and gives you the fastest route based on what it learns from other drivers and your history. For instance, if a highway is slow on a certain day of the week, the Go 740 will remember that information and send you on a different route instead of sending you into a traffic jam.

Superior Performance

With some brands of GPS unit, the routing features can be sluggish and unresponsive, but that doesn’t hold true with the Go 740. The TomTom Go 740 is able to acquire satellites in less than four seconds from a stationary position, which is on average twenty seconds faster than the leading GPS systems. The Go 740 is also very quick to recalculate routes if you go off course. Instead of trying to get you to turn around and go back, the GPS sets a new route beginning on the road you’re already on.


  • The Go 740 is TomTom’s first GPS device to offer up-to-the-minute traffic and weather data
  • The fuel prices screen is always up-to-date and can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run
  • The TomTom Go 740’s Bluetooth is responsive and easy to connect to
  • The internal battery last three hour and can be charged while its still running
  • TomTom’s Plug and Go system lets you use the Go 740 the moment you take it out of the box
  • Firmware updates and software updates can be downloaded for free if you connect your GPS to your Mac or PC
  • The Go 740 optimizes the screen color for night driving, so it can be seen more clearly in a dark car
  • The GPS give precise directions and is accurate up to a few yards away
  • After the initial connection to satellites is made the TomTom Go 740 will only take a few seconds to connect


  • The route calculations can be a bit slow if the vehicle is already moving
  • The unit requires the occasional firmware update to keep it running at peak condition
  • Some of the downloadable content available on the TomTom store requires a purchase to download

Final Verdict

TomTom GO 740 Live Car GPS

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Built with a sleek design, packed with innovative features, and competitively priced, the TomTom Go 740 is one of the best-selling GPS navigation systems ever produced by TomTom. The Go 740 is the GPS of choice for travelers around the world and is always ready to get you to your destination on time. TomTom’s intuitive menu structure, large screen, and helpful applications, make the Go 740 an excellent choice for a standalone GPS system.