TomTom Go 600 Car GPS Review

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One of the latest TomTom products to hit the market, the TomTom Go 600 was released in early 2014 and has quickly become the most popular GPS device in the TomTom catalog. The new TomTom Go 600 has been redesigned to give you the best user experience a standalone GPS can offer with an improved interface and high-definition graphics. The Go 600 helps you make the best driving decisions by keeping you notified of what’s going on around you, without distracting you from the road ahead.

The TomTom Go 600 comes with a brand new version of TomTom Traffic to help you get to your destination faster. The TomTom Traffic interface gives you up-to-the-minute information about possible traffic jams and plans your route around any delays or problem areas. The Traffic system takes information from over 350 million drives from around the country, and analyzes the data to give you a detailed picture of nationwide traffic conditions at any given moment. The GPS can then pinpoint exactly when and where delays start, so you’ll rarely have to sit in traffic again.

TomTom Go 600 Car GPS

TomTom GO 600 Portable Vehicle GPS

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  • GPS-enabled navigation system
  • The TomTom Go 600 has a big, six-inch wide touchscreen display that supports high definition video
  • The product measures 6.7 inches, by 4.1 inches, by 0.9 inches and weighs just over then ounces
  • The Go 600 comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts just over two and a half hours when fully charged
  • The GPS comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • The TomTom Go 600 is Bluetooth connective and can have several devices connected to it at once
  • The maps are displayed in full 3D
  • The TomTom Go 600 comes programmed with TomTom’s advanced lane guidance system
  • The GPS has an advanced GPS system that includes an internal microphone
  • The device can also be used to receive phone calls and acts as a speakerphone
  • The TomTom Go 600 comes with the TomTom traffic system, which offers live coverage of over 99.9 percent of all the roads in the United States
  • Users can create and share custom directions and maps using TomTom’s map share feature that is incorporated into the Go 600’s design
  • The GPS has a small speaker mounted on the back of the frame that allows the Go 600 to say street names, so the user never has to take their eyes off the road


The TomTom Go 600 has many new features and applications that can be accessed without any additional fees or downloads. The Go 600 is optimized to work well with both voice-activated features and touchscreen applications, making the GPS extremely intuitive and easy to use for car navigation. The user is able to input addresses directly on startup, so there’s no more searching through annoying menus to get to the navigation screen.

Full 3D mapping

The Go 600 displays a standard navigation screen, showing an overhead map with the directions to your destination as well as known traffic issues. When you approach a historic city or landmark, the Go 600’s screen transforms into a fully detailed 3D map of the city. The 3D mapping was implemented to help users with orientation, so if you’re in a crowded or confusing city, you’ll still get an accurate birds-eye view from the Go 600.

World-Class Maps

TomTom has always been famous for their hyper-accurate GPS maps and the Go 600 is no exception. TomTom combines state-of-the-art inter-connected technologies with real-time traffic data to give you the most up-to-date maps of any GPS system on the market. TomTom Go taps into the benefits of crowdsourcing by taking data from over 21 million drivers currently using TomTom’s Map Share feature and analyzing it to edit and update your existing maps. These user maps are updated daily, giving you precise roadwork information along with extra traffic data.


  • The TomTom Go 600 comes with free lifetime map updates for the United States and Canada
  • The GPS displays a speed warning when you’re approaching traffic jams or known speed traps
  • The entire menu has been streamlined and is easier to navigate than on most other models
  • The touch screen is capacitive like a smartphone, making it much easier and smoother to operate
  • It acquires satellites in a few seconds and almost instantly updates your route if you take a wrong turn
  • The TomTom Go 600 has an ergonomic round shape that makes it much easier to carry around and mount
  • The menus are simple to navigate and are set up as a row of icons
  • The GPS displays the time remaining before you reach your destination as well as the approximate time of arrival
  • You can change the color scheme of the menus and customize the overall layout of the TomTom Go 600


  • Slightly more expensive than the smaller Go 500 model due to the Go 600’s large screen and advanced integrated technology
  • Weather updates and local Internet searches are not part of the TomTom Go 600’s online services
  • Speed camera updates require a paid subscription to TomTom

Final Verdict

TomTom GO 600 Portable Vehicle GPS -2

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In the competitive GPS market, TomTom has once again proven itself as one of the best designers and manufacturers of standalone navigation systems. The Go 600 is the pinnacle of modern GPS technology and will continue to be until TomTom releases another update.

The TomTom Go 600 has one of the highest customer satisfaction rating for any navigation device and is a favorite on review sites and tech blogs. The Go 600 is a GPS you can always depend on to get you to your destination on time and without any hassle.

TomTom has a long history producing of excellent, long-lasting GPS devices and the Go 600 is another example of their ingenuity and style. The Go 600 is an excellent GPS system with every modern feature and amenity a user could ask for.

The TomTom Go 600 is very highly rated and moderately priced, and is highly recommended.