Timex Ironman Triathlon GPS Watch Review

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Timex makes an entire line of Ironman branded watches. The Timex Ironman 100-lap watch, also called the Triathlon, is a great value in the digital sports watch category. Like all Timex watches, it’s built to be durable and straightforward to use. Timex avoids trying to make their watches look fussy or stylish at the expense of utility, and the Ironman Triathlon looks exactly like the capable, no-nonsense performer it is. The big dial face displays digital letters that are easy to read without having to hold the watch up to your face, great for when you’re running and don’t want to break stride.

While the Ironman Triathlon doesn’t offer many of the functions of more expensive GPS-enabled sports watches, the features it does offer are very useful and easy to understand. The menus and functions on the watch are easily set and reset without referring to a manual, and the mechanical buttons are clearly labeled on the watch face to avoid confusion. Like all Timex running watches, the Ironman Triathlon is amazingly water resistant, rated to 330 feet. The watch is so light that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it when you’re running, swimming, biking, or working. Runners that need a simple lap counter and people that have interval training schedules will both enjoy the easy accurate counters that the Ironman Triathlon offers.

Timex Ironman Triathlon GPS Watch

Timex Men's T5E231 Ironman Traditional Triathlon GPS Watch

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  • Digital sports watch
  • 99-lap counter
  • 24-hour countdown timer
  • Dated training log
  • Water resistant to 330 feet
  • Lightweight resin construction
  • 18 mm x 44 mm x 12 mm thick
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Acrylic lens
  • Nine interval timers
  • Indiglo nightlight
  • Flix automatic backlight enabled
  • Daily, weekly, and weekend alarms
  • Can be set for military time
  • Month, day, and date display
  • Lap or split recall
  • Conventional strap with buckle
  • Silver with contrasting top ring
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


Sports watches like the Timex Ironman Triathlon make keeping track of your workouts easy. They don’t have nearly as many different functions as multisport and GPS-enabled running watches, but for many people that’s a plus. Too many functions and too many menus to choose from and scroll through can make using a fitness watch too cumbersome, and information overload is a problem with many devices. The Ironman Triathlon keeps track of a few data points accurately, and for most runners and fitness buffs the watch has all they need.

There’s a 99-lap counter, great for simple running workouts, as well as an interval timer. Interval workouts can be daunting to keep track of without a watch with a memory, so this is one point at which the Timex really shines. The Ironman Triathlon has useful lap and split time counters, too.

Timex Women's T5K020 Ironman Traditional Triathlon GPS Watch

A Simple, Tough Watch

When you’re competing in extreme fitness events or training hard, many people opt for devices that keep track of more information, but many users prize durability, ease of reading, and light weight over additional functions. That’s another area where the Timex outperforms many of its competitors. The Ironman Triathlon is waterproof, shockproof, and extremely small and lightweight compared to most sports watches, and unlike GPS watches that need to constantly be recharged because of the power draw of the satellite service they provide, the Timex will work for years on the battery inside it.

The Ironman Triathlon Keeps Track of Key Data Points

The Timex keeps a training log that stores your workouts by date, and can recall your best lap time, average lap time, total segment time, and total activity time so you can always see how you’re progressing with your exercise regimen. If you travel a lot, you’ll like the way the Timex keeps track of two different time zones, including timers and alarms you’ll appreciate when you’re staying away from home but need to be reminded of dates and times in another zone. The Timex has an interesting and useful utility they call Flix. If you hold down the Indiglo backlight button, it enables the Flix function that allows you to turn on the backlight just by flicking your wrist, which can make checking your watch easy when you’re running in low-light situations.

The Ironman Triathlon Is Great for Working In Tough Environments Too

Because of its low profile, light weight, and shock and waterproof case, people that work and play in challenging environments like the Timex Ironman Triathlon as an everyday watch. Sportfishermen, cyclists, surfers, wakeboarders, waterskiers, divers, and snorkelers all testify to the durability and reliability of the Timex, and tradesmen like plumbers that work with their hands but need to wear a watch at all times have learned to rely on their Timex to take a good deal of abuse without flinching.


  • Very light weight
  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Big, easy to read numbers
  • Inexpensive
  • Very durable
  • Able to keep track of interval training workouts easily
  • Intuitive menus make re-setting the watch easy without instructions
  • Can be worn while swimming
  • One finger operation is great for use while running
  • Excellent visibility even in bright sunlight


  • Watchband doesn’t last as long as the watch, but can be replaced
  • Some users report that the watches sometimes ship with batteries that are almost dead and must be replaced sooner than usual

Final Verdict

Timex Timex Mens T5K196 Ironman Triathlon GPS watch

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Sports watches like the Timex Ironman Triathlon are great timepieces for anyone that wants a durable, accurate watch at an inexpensive price point. Timex makes a lot of different models using the Ironman name, and some are more popular than others, but the Ironman Triathlon 100 Lap watch is especially highly regarded by purchasers and reviewers alike.

Over 76 percent of reviewers give the Timex four stars or better, and many call the watch the best watch of any kind that they’ve ever owned. Timex watches have become traditional products with amazing brand loyalty due to their durability and accuracy. The Timex Ironman Triathlon is another in the long line of GPS devices that’s sure to be an intergenerational family favorite as well. It’s a great watch for the money and is highly recommended.