Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Review

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Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch isn’t your ordinary Ironman line of GPS watches. Built with 3G connectivity, Ironman One GPS+ allows one to connect on the web without the need to pair up with one’s phone. It is well equipped with all the features you would expect from a smart watch and even does more than that with a price of less than $500.

Touted to be the most advanced running watch as of writing, the Ironman GPS+ covers areas that most GPS watches fail to feature. It places more emphasis on connectivity, real-time monitoring, entertainment and easy to use interface.

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Black Grey

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There definitely are a hundred good reasons why the Ironman One GPS+ Watch by Timex is the best bet. One of its notable specifications is its wireless connection wherein one can easily track and share one’s workouts on famous fitness sites, listen to their favourite music, and even track your email. Here are more of the watch’s specifications:

  • With built-in connection to mobile network allowing live tracking, phone messaging
  • Touchscreen Qualcomm Mirasol display that puts out clear resolution inside and out
  • Auto sync data to your computer via 3G connectivity
  • Auto Stop/Start
  • Auto Lap/Split
  • Vibrating and Audible Alerts based on pace/speed, time/distance, and heart rate zone
  • Bluetooth sensor compatibility – foot pods, heart rate monitors, headphones and speakers
  • Notifications will alert user of personal records (longest run, fastest mile, etc.)
  • One year of AT&T mobile data service included (features will vary by market)
  • 10 customizable interval timers
  • Customizable Screens
  • 8-hour Li-Ion battery life in full GPS and cellular-connected mode
  • 4-hour Li-Ion battery life in full GPS with cellular-connected and music player
  • 72-hour Li-Ion battery life in standby mode
  • Case Size: 50mm
  • Case Thickness: 15.7mm
  • Case Weight: 71 grams
  • Display Size: 1.5”
  • Display Resolution: 288 X 192
  • GPS-enabled
  • 50m Water Resistant (GPS reception and cellular service unavailable in water)
  • INDIGLO night light
Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch - features Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Grey


If you are on the lookout of a GPS watch that doesn’t merely pry on tracking but also give you the convenience to connect seamlessly to the internet, does what your phone can do among many other things, then this watch is perhaps the best one there is in the market. Below are more of the notable features this Ironman watch can offer:

  • 3G Connectivity

With the 3G technology, this watch enables you to do live tracking, send SOS alerts and even receive and send messages without the use of your phone. Your live tracking feature will give your preset contact constant updates on your progress. Updating of your rate online is usually done every 60 seconds.

The SOS alert sending is a good feature especially during emergencies. These alerts come in handy during unfortunate events.

Although this Timex watch doesn’t show pictures sent to you via email, the 3G technology gives you the benefit of receiving emails through a unique external address. It also allows you to respond to the message through its built-in instant messaging application.

  • 4GB Music Playback

At times of exercise and/or rigorous activities, listening to music is pretty calming and energizing at the same time. This was clearly seen by Timex, hence the inclusion of a 4GB music storage. Your choice of music may be loaded through USB from your computer.

  • Core Running Functionality

The main purpose of this watch is basically its running functionality. After all, it’s a GPS running watch. You can customize it according to your preferred running mode.

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch - Running

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch with Heart Rate Monitor


When you are looking for a smart watch, it doesn’t get any smarter than the Timex Ironman One. It’s more than just a GPS watch. It’s more than just your nifty workout buddy. Here are more benefits you enjoy with this device:

  • This watch keeps you connected even while on the go

This watch offers you seamless connectivity at its finest as it allows you to receive and send messages without the need to connect it to your phone. Make sure you get the iPhone or Android App!

  • There’s a lot of space for music

4GB is by far a big chunk of space for a watch to store music. That basically means that you can store up to a thousand songs and listen to it even while you’re performing your daily exercise.

  • It offers security feature

The SOS alert feature is a highlight as well. With just a single push of a button, your friends or family will be immediately notified of any emergency situation you are in.


Styling is not really attractive and others find the styling of the Timex Ironman GPS + Watch as subtle compared to similar watch of the same category. The price is also quite hefty. There were reviews stating that the Ironman GPS+ Watch by Timex’ price is a bit pricey, when they can find other GPS watches that have almost the same quality and features but offered for a more reasonable price.

The battery life is pretty short. With the loads of features offered by this watch, it’s easy to presume that this will consume a lot of the battery’s life. If you do workouts more than an hour, you’d expect a battery life dropped down to at least 50%.

Final Verdict

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Black

Best Price on Amazon!

Feature wise, the Timex Ironman One is everything you could ever think of for a GPS watch. The cons are quite manageable that, really, don’t affect the watch’s total package.