Timex Cycle Trainer Bike GPS Review

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If you’re searching for a cycle trainer that really delivers, you’ll enjoy learning more about what the Timex Cycle Trainer (RT3/2.0) has to offer. This unit is very light in weight, so it will never weigh you down, and it’s designed to put tons of functionality right at your fingertips.

The device features multiple screens which display a host of practical cycling data. Choosing this affordable unit, which is produced by one of the world’s most respected manufacturers (Timex), will be a perfect way to stay in tune with your fitness and riding performance, whether you cruise the city streets and highways or prefer to do your cycling in more rugged environments, such as mountain trails.

Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0

Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 T5K615 GPS Bike Computer

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To help you learn more about this cycle trainer, we’ve compiled a detailed review, which outlines the product’s key features and benefits. Once you’ve learned more about this handy device, which retails for around $250.00 (prices may vary, depending on which retailer you choose), you’ll be ready to decide if purchasing it is a smart decision…

Product Features and Benefits

Designed to offer true “dashboard capability”, this unit is mounted to the handlebars and offers an assortment of appealing and sensible fitness and performance-tracking features. For example, the unit comes with a heart rate meter which will allow you to know how fast your heart is beating while you exercise.

In addition, the device is equipped with high-tech GPS technology, so as to give you real-time access to location data. You may utilize the GPS feature in order to know where you are and/or to plan rides. This feature offers users tons of peace of mind and practicality, so it does make this device superior to other, non-GPS-enabled devices.

GPS technology is Global Positioning Satellite technology and it allows devices to pinpoint exact locations in real-time. GPS works by gathering information from satellites which are owned by the United States Department of Defense. As you can see, GPS is a cutting-edge way to enjoy accurate information about locations and routes.

timex-cycle-trainer-2-0-gps-in-depth-review-thumbThis unit is perfect for fitness fans, as it features some impressive tracking options which allow users to gather important facts about their bodies and their athletic performance. In addition, it’s so easy to view the information, as the many screens of this unit are designed to offer clear views while you’re riding your bicycle.

When you order this highly-rated Timex design, you’ll be able to check your distance, determine the grade of a slope, detect your speed and know your heart rate. Each of the device’s five display screens will give you access to instant data which helps to enhance your knowledge and make your entire riding experience more enjoyable. You may take advantage of all that the unit has to offer without using your hands, so it’s very easy to enjoy the device. As you can see, it’s designed with your convenience in mind.

Timex is an American brand that has produced high-quality products, such as timepieces, for decades. Today, the brand continues to offer premium products to their clients, without charging them an arm and a leg.

This Unit Comes with the Right Accessories

In terms of accessories, this Timex model comes with a full mounting kit that features zip lines and it also come with a handy USB cord. The cord is the same type that you likely have around your home at the moment. Therefore, if you lose your cord, any old USB cord may be utilized as a replacement, which is obviously very convenient.

In addition, the unit comes with a detailed instruction manual which will assist new owners with mounting and using their cycle trainers. Like all Timex merchandise which is purchased from authorized suppliers, this device also comes with a limited-time warranty. Lastly, you’ll enjoy an Indiglo light when you purchase this cycle trainer, so it’ll be easy to view data, even when the skies are dark.

Track Your Fitness with the Cycle Trainer

If you want to get lean and mean on your bike – or maintain your current fitness level – you’ll find that this cycle trainer offers impressive tracking tools which will help you to achieve your fitness goals. For example, you may enjoy calorie burn metric displays after adding in a little information about your body weight and your training level, as well as what type of sport you’re taking part it (such as cycling).

This is great, as you can also use the device for walking, running and hiking if you want to. Bear in mind that you’ll need to remove it from its mountings first.

Is This Device Right for You?

Timex_cycletrainerNow that you know more about this cycle trainer system and all that it offers to cyclists, you may have an idea of whether or not it is right for your needs.

This website features plenty of detailed reviews from customers, which you may read in order to gather more valuable information about this clever electronic gadget.

If you do decide to invest in this device, you will be pleased with its solid construction. Timex is known for creating products that are built to stand the test of time. Once you’ve mounted your new device and programmed it according to your exact specifications – and this is quite easy to do – you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate in fitness tracking, without any downside.

Ordering the device online will probably save you a bit of money. After all, online retailers are often able to offer their products for lower prices, simply because their overhead costs are lower than those of community-based retailers. So, do consider getting a great deal on this cycle trainer by ordering it via our website or another online retailer with a great reputation.