Suunto Runners GPS Watches

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Suunto has made a name for providing high-quality, expensive GPS sports watches. From hiking watches, the company further ventured into GPS running devices in the form of watches. Check out the different GPS watches that Suunto offers for runners and the likes.

  1. Suunto Ambit 2 Runners GPS Watch or Ambit2 R

SUUNTO Ambit 2 HR Black Runners GPS Watch

Being a mid-range GPS running device that is priced around $250, this quickly picked up as one of the most recommended running watches by experts. It offers great functionality coupled with an attractive price and of course, an excellent GPS accuracy.

Experts love the fact that this runners GPS watch is highly configurable. One can easily customize the settings to his/her own preference through the website. However, we would suggest you fiddle with the watch first for you to get a hang of all its features and functionalities.

As you explore, you will find a clear and bright display of up to eight pages of data which includes various graphs, training effect, maps, and routes. To add extensibility to this otherwise already functional watch, one can easily download or create apps for the Suunto Ambit 2 runners GPS watch. Be creative with the apps and determine the functions or the data that you need the most after training.

Once you have got the data in your GPS watch, you can further make use of this to gather even more information on how to do better the next time you are on track. Upload the data to the Suunto website ( and from there, you can export it to different formats.

With a battery that lasts up to eight hours on continuous GPS use, there is no way one will encounter battery problems while on the training. This should let you finish your training before battery runs out.

The GPS capability is flawless as it has the capability of downloading a list of GPS satellites instantly. It even features a track-back technology which basically lets one find his/her way to the start of the run location. In addition, it also has a cycling mode for those who do cycling in tandem with running or train for a biathlon.

For those who run with their health status in mind, the Suunto Ambit2 R offers an optional heart rate monitoring. It also comes with an accelerometer that provides accurate pace, speed, distance, and cadence. There also are several other apps for heart rate monitoring and training plans.

The Suunto Ambit2 R without a doubt lets runners discover a new dimension of training at a very reasonable price. Experts say that this is aimed at people who run, hike, and cycle at times.

  1. Suunto Ambit3 Run GPS Watch

Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS runners watch Sapphire Heart Rate Monitor

This is tagged as the GPS watch that gives the ultimate running experience. It is carefully optimized to provide everything that a runner needs through diligently combining running performance, sleep recovery measurements, and full navigation route.

With all these, one can easily explore and keep progressing. There is no looking back but just looking forward to conquering more heights as far as one’s running training program is concerned.

Like all the other GPS watches by Suunto, this Ambit3 Sport GPS watch works best in conjunction with Suunto Movescount App that lets one smartly and effectively plan workouts. It even comes with a voice guidance which literally acts as one’s personal trainer on the track.

Being released in 2014, the Suunto Ambit3 Run includes incremental improvements that some experts have started comparing this to the Polar V800. This also now comes with a Bluetooth Smart capability. Thus, this GPS watch can automatically upload workouts wirelessly and is even capable of displaying smartphone notifications once it has been successfully paired up with your smartphone or tablet. Read the owner’s manual to find all the available features.

If you frequently run with your teammates, friends, or families, you will be delighted that this Ambit3 Run GPS watch offers easy tracking and sharing running adventures because of its smart mobile connection. To add to the already noted ease of use, this comes with a soft silicone strap which is responsible for the excellent fit that does not budge even during rigorous training exercises.

The Suunto Ambit3 R is available in several colors – lime, white, black, sapphire, coral, sport black, peak black, and peak sapphire.

It displays daily activity and a heart rate sensor remains an optional purchase. There are four different versions and price ranges from approximately $400 to $600. Price depends if one would like the GPS watch with sapphire glass and/or barometric altimeter. All in all, the Suunto Ambit3 R is a very feature-rich device but costs more than the Ambit2 R.

For other demanding athletes, you can opt for the the Suunto Ambit3 Peak which is ideal for hiking, (trail) running, skiing, mountaineering, swimming and biking.

  1. Suunto Quest Running Pack Watch

Suunto Quest runners watch with heart rate monitorThis is regarded as the high-performance training watch for runners which features a heart rate monitor for a performance-oriented training. More than just looking absolutely gorgeous with a light and sleek design that comes in three colors – black, yellow, and blue, this is a highly functional training watch that provides real-time information and full performance analysis.

It is also customizable with various training plans, different settings, and custom displays. With this capability, one can turn this Suunto Quest Running Pack into a personal trainer.

Key features include time, date, alarm, real-time heart rate, recovery time, stopwatch with laps, interval timer, duration and intensity or speed guidance, downloadable training programs, in-depth training analysis, and personalize screen layout. Package comes with movestick mini, dual comfort belt, foot POD mini, and quick guide. However, to make this GPS able, one would have to get the Suunto GPS Track POD.

  1. Suunto M5 Watch

Suunto M5 GPS runners watchThis does not readily come with GPS capability but we included it otherwise since it can be used by runners with the addition of the Suunto Foot POD Mini. This one is identified as the Suunto fitness watch with exercise guidance. Suunto claims this to be the heart rate monitor of fitness enthusiasts.

So if you run for exercise to keep your body healthy and fit, this is yet another option as it offers smart exercise guidance and adaptive training programs which are all based on one’s personal data inputted.

More than just measuring one’s heart rate while running, this also provides a detailed analysis including calorie consumption and intensity guidance both during and after the run or exercise. In addition, this is water resistant of up to 30 meters and has a battery life in time mode of 12 months. The Suunto ANT makes connecting to other devices possible but for the data transfer, you would have to stick with the movestick mini.

Key features include time, date, alarm, heart rate, calories burned, fitness test, recovery time, real-time intensity guidance, motivational feedback messages, upload exercise data and download training programs from, and speed and distance with optional Suunto PODs.

Package comes with a dual comfort belt, movestick mini, and a quick guide. If you are going to use this for running, you might want to get the Suunto foot POD mini as well.

Being in the industry for 75 long years, there is no reason how one can go wrong with a Suunto Runners GPS Watch. If they have mastered the art of manufacturing diving and mountain computer watches, a GPS watch for runners is too basic for them but totally advanced for any ordinary person today.

Over the recent years, GPS watches have truly revolutionized how runners train. It has definitely paved way for easier tracks with almost everything being laid out in the wrist of the runners. From the path to be travelled up to calculating the minutes and providing other important details, most GPS watches today come complete with almost every single thing that a runner needs to complete his daily training.

Suunto GPS watches for runners are regarded as one of the ultimate GPS watches ever made. They can be used as a simple navigation tool yet they have the capacity of recording important details of your training. Some advanced Suunto runner GPS watches even provide times of sunrise, sunset, and even tide times and storm warnings. It is like having your very own personal trainer and adviser only in the form of a wrist watch.

How Suunto Started

Inventing mass production for liquid-filled compasses way back in 1936, Suunto has always been in the front line of innovations for sport watches, sports instruments, and dive computers. The genius mind behind this great company is Tuomas Vohlonen who is a renowned Finnish orienteer and engineer who delights in physically and mentally equipping people for their outdoor adventures.

Be it an old or a new territory, there is surely a Suunto product to make the adventure easier but with way more fun. Despite its headquarters and manufacturing plant remaining in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto’s products are now being sold in over 100 countries.

Suunto still remains a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation with sister brands being Salomon which provides sports equipment, Arc’teryx which is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company, Atomic which is a ski supplier company, Wilson which is a very well-known American Sporting Goods Company, Precor which is a provider of premium home and commercial fitness equipment, Mavic which is a famous French bicycle parts supplier, and Nikita which is a clothing brand based on Iceland.