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Everyone wants to have a fit and well toned body, but frankly, it’s never an easy task to do. It requires a good amount of determination and motivation to be able to stick with the plan. It also requires a lot of self discipline because it is so easy to binge eat on a Saturday night or to skip your day to day schedule of workout.

Fortunately, there are still those who try to keep up with their fitness goals and create specific habits that are geared towards achieving their health plan. Others would invest in a slow but effective practice like eating fat burning diet while some extremists would resort to buying pills that could aid in hastening the weight loss process.

  1. how to lose weight with runningPart Of a Bigger Picture

Because losing weight is not just about the food that is ingested on a day to day basis, there are also a lot of committed individuals who would carve out a fraction of their busy schedule for them allot time for their workout routines, such as running for a specific length of time or a specific distance.

Take note that every weight loss practice should always be paired with another practice for you to achieve the best results. For running, this is almost always a huge part of any weight loss plan and if paired with another weight loss technique, it’s considered to be the simplest yet the most effective way to burn the extra fats.

  1. Fear Of No Progress From Running For Weight Loss

Sadly however, not a lot of people are able to shed their extra pounds when they run. In effect, they immediately scratch this routine from their fitness routine to focus on other weight loss practices like eating less and working out more in the gym.

It’s always been the fear of not improving that keeps us from achieving the best results. This can be because we tend to jump from one solution to another without spending enough time in doing the supposed technique. This prevents us from improving. If we get to overcome that fear, we would be able to improve our body weight.

  1. Missing Out On Something Special

When we ditch running, we also tend to miss out on the long term benefits of running. Running should not just be about seeing a few lines deducted from the scale when we weigh in but also because we want to improve our cardiovascular system and our respiratory system.

  1. Not a Weight Loss Short Cut

Running for Weight LossIt’s often a misconception that running can help you quickly burn fat without the need to chop off a few of your favorite food item on your daily diet. Take note that this is never a shortcut. Every beginner should know that it will take some time before you really see any improvements. This is supposed to be a long term practice that you need to do for the rest of your life because health problems tend to arise as we age and gain more weight.

By keeping our body healthy and fit, we are able to shy away from the majority of these issues that develop in both the cardiovascular and the respiratory system. Being able to counter the early onset of these problems is just among the many long term benefits that we can get.

Running may not an instant solution to losing weight but it’s an effective practice to help us develop a healthier body all throughout the weight loss adventure that we will have.

  1. The Science Behind Running For Weight Loss

It’s supposed to be coupled with other habits like lessening the food proportion that we eat and designating a number of hours to work off the extra calories we had for the day. It’s not a stand-alone habit that would do miracles without the other practices.

Aside from that, it also pays to know that running is said to be the fastest way for the body to burn calories. Even when compared the calories burned in the 7 minute workout is higher than running, if you factor the amount of time that you run per day, running will still be the better option among the two.

  1. Post Running Calorie Burning

Burning of your calories doesn’t just occur during the time that you ran because the body is proven to continue burning calories due to the “afterburn” sensation that it undergoes during a long run. This would often beat the other exercise routines that you have.

  1. Experience The Runner’s High

According to research, running actually grows on you. The more you run, the more your body gets used to this activity due to the ability of running to trigger the release morphine like substances that induces euphoria every after a long run. Running becomes a slightly addicting activity which your body would signal you to do depending your schedule.

  1. No Need For Expensive Gym Equipment

Who needs a tread mill if the park is waiting for your daily running sessions? Running is practically cheaper because you don’t need to pay any member registration fee to access equipments. All you need is a trusty GPS watch just in case your want to keep track of your running trail and perhaps an upbeat playlist on your music player to help you gain momentum.

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