Polar Runners GPS Watches

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GPS watches have slowly made its way to the hearts of sports enthusiasts most especially professional runners. They have become a powerful tool for every runner. In fact, it could be the only tool that a runner has to carry on in the actual training aside of course from the rubber shoes and appropriate clothing.

Polar brand has been catering to all levels of fitness through their comprehensive range including running, cycling, and even swimming. This is a brand that knows the extent of one’s rigorous training and so, they have carefully designed runners GPS watches to specifically take care of the needs of runners. In addition, the Polar runners GPS watches help runners maximize their abilities and capabilities.

List of the Popular Polar Runners GPS Watches

To give readers a better understanding of the Polar GPS watches, we will itemize them one by one below along with their specific features, what makes them stand out, and who usually get them. This will surely help you more if you want to determine which of the Polar runners watches would best suit your personality and needs.

  1. Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch and Activity Tracker

Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & Running Activity TrackerThe M400 can be regarded as the cheapest runners GPS watch with its price tag of just a little over $200 and that even comes with the heart rate monitor already. If one is to choose the Polar M400 watch alone without the heart rate monitor, price goes down at around $160 only.

It has got a 4-star rating at Amazon after more than 100 customer reviews. Despite the fact that this is considered the cheapest among the bunch, this GPS Sport Watch is just awesome. Polar clearly indicated that this Polar M400 is both suitable for lifestyle and training improvement. It perfectly combines one’s 24/7 activity along with GPS features which of course results to helpful data.

This basically displays the daily goal, steps taken or distance covered, and the calories burned. It even has the ability to track sleep time and quality. Through all these, the Polar M400 proves that it is more than just a basic runner GPS watch. It truly takes training data and figures seriously.

If one is to get the version with the heart rate monitor, there will be an H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor included which lets one train at the right intensity as you reach for the appropriate target heart rate. Through this, one knows how he is doing with the training health-wise and not just physically-wise.

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  1. Polar RC3 GPS Watch

Polar RC3 runners GPS Watch - zonepointerWith a 3.5-star rating at Amazon, the Polar RC3 GPS Watch with heart rate monitor sells for around $217 while the one without the heart rate monitor is priced at around $167. Are you unsure if you do need a heart rate monitor or not?

Experts will basically tell you to get the one with the heart rate monitor always. However, this is debatable. If you are still young with no medical problems and a heart that is in perfect condition and is on a tight budget, then maybe you could skip the heart rate monitor and get it at a later date.

But if you know you have to keep your heart rate in check especially during your training exercises, then you must forget about your budget and get the one with the heart rate monitor.

Next to monitoring your heart rate for medical reasons, using a heart rate monitor for training purposes is highly valuable! Experts agree that when you run within a certain heart rate zone and you use a personal training schedule, you can increase the efficiency of your training enormously. There are many training programs available to use with a heart rate monitor.

This Polar RC3 GPS watch essentially tracks speed, distance, and route using SiRFstar IV which is thought to be the latest in GPS technology today. This is probably what makes this a bit more expensive than the M400 since the M400 uses an ordinary GPS technology. With this, the RC3 provides not just helpful but accurate data.

Another great feature is the Back to Start feature which shows you how to go back to your starting point. The M400 also has this together with the option of exploring new routes. So again, there is another difference between what is thought to be as the two most basic Polar GPS watches.

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  1. Polar RCX5 with Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor GPS watchThis is the runners GPS watch that automatically comes with a heart rate monitor unlike the RC4, M400, and V800 where it remains an option. Currently with an almost perfect 4.5-star rating at Amazon after close to 100 real customer reviews, the Polar RCX5 with Heart Rate Monitor is priced at around $217 which is basically at the same price range with the RC3 GPS Watch.

However, the difference would be that the RC3 is only for running and maybe cycling. This RCX5 is created for triathletes who want to make the most out of their training. Customization is a common favorite feature of athletes here as they can easily set up sport profiles depending on what they plan to do for the day.

It looks gorgeous when worn and simply does everything as expected. If you have always wanted variety in the sports you take but is not yet on that triathlon stage, you might as well put your money into good use and get this one.

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  1. Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch with Activity Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor

Polar V800 runner GPS Sports Watch w: Activity Tracker & Heart Rate MonitorIf budget is not a concern but style and functionality are, then this would be perfect for you. With a 4-star rating after close to 100 customer reviews at Amazon, customers who have bought this cannot stop praising this Polar GPS watch as it seems to be the best one they have tried in about 30 years and that is even given the fact that they are loyal Polar users ever since.

The Polar V800 watch does come with a steeper price tag of roughly close $500 for the one with the heart rate monitor but that is for a number of good reasons. This has the longest battery life of up to 14 hours, efficiently collects and combines training load to 24/7 activity data, and is extremely durable with its scratch-resistant Gorilla glass.

This also comes with the option of losing the heart rate monitor which would lower down the price to just around $350. Again, this would depend on one’s needs and actual medical condition.

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How Polar Runners GPS Watches Actually Help Athletes

Polar GPS watches help not just runners but all athletes as a matter of fact. It is no secret that most people today run just to be fit. Hence, they skip the part where they would have to pay for a personal trainer. Polar knew that not everyone could exactly afford to hire a personal trainer which is why they created Smart Coaching.

Smart Coaching works pretty much like an application where one can monitor real progress from real and accurate figures every after training session. More than that, it comes with absolutely easy to use features and is totally customizable to further inspire and give maximum enjoyment.

All the Polar GPS runners watches including RCX5, RC3, M400, and V800 have this Polar Smart Coaching Feature. They only differ in other specifications and features as they each have their own specialties. For example, both the RC3 and RCX5 come with this unique Polar Smart Coaching Feature but the RC3 GPS Watch have the running index and training benefit that comes as a great benefit to users which make this otherwise basic running watch absolutely awesome.

The Polar RCX5 Watch, on the other hand, is more of a multisport watch that not only caters to runners but to cyclists and swimmers as well. This, of course, also comes with the Polar Smart Coaching Feature which helps users get the right training intensity, hence, a great help in improving endurance.

Another new and stylish Polar GPS watch is the M400 which is an ISPO Award Gold Winner for 2015/2016. It is basically a sports watch with GPS designed for urban and trail runners (NY Times). It also has the Smart Coaching Features but more than that, it also has body measurement, activity, and training features.

Lastly for the Polar Runners GPS Watches that have the Smart Coaching Feature would be the ultimate GPS Sports Watch – the V800. This one is specifically designed for professional and devoted athletes.

The Polar watches each has their strengths and witnesses. There is no such thing as a perfect all-around watch. What may be perfect to your friend might be terrible for you and vice versa. Learn more about each of the Polar runners watches and make a wise decision on where to put your money on.