Polar RCX5 Runners GPS Watch Review

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The Polar RCX5 was released in 2011 and has been a common favorite of triathletes and extremely active people ever since. It has got that Polar trademark which basically assures every one of the highest quality possible. More than that, this specific GPS Sports Watch is specifically designed and created for those who need more than just the basic features.

With a capability to let users create own sport profiles and support multisport training, the Polar RCX5 is without a doubt the GPS Sports Watch that can keep up even with the busiest triathlete. If it is endurance you are building, then it is endurance that you will get for as long as you combine perseverance with the endurance training programs that Polar now offers at their online website. This basically lets the Polar RCX5 work its way in providing you more accurate figures as you go about your daily training exercises.

Polar RCX5 Runners GPS Watch

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor GPS watch

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Are you a triathlete that is craving for superior multisport support? Are you fed up with ordinary sports watches that always seem to lack the features and support you need to further maximize your capabilities and make the most out of your training sessions?

The Polar RCX5 is basically such a great GPS-enabled watch and all-around heart rate monitor that gives out accurate results all the time regardless of the situation for as long as the battery is alive.

In fact, this Polar RCX5 is so great that most customers who have bought this GPS Sports Watch wears it even as a day watch. Through that way, they can work through the day and effortlessly transfer to training clothes right after work hours to reach that training goal. This leads you to being ultimately fit which is great especially if you happen to be training for a competition.

To educate you more on why this Polar RCX5 is called superior, here is a complete list of specifications:

  • Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor GPS watchDesigned and Created for Triathletes
  • Slim Design
  • Offers Endurance Training Programs
  • Unique Smart Coaching Features
  • Support Multisport Training
  • ZoneOptimizer
  • Comes with Comfortable Hybrid Transmitter
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Personalized Sport Profiles
  • Easy Switching Between Profiles
  • Compatible with Polar Running, Cycling, and GPS Sensors
  • Optional Fitness Test
  • Shows Running Index
  • Smart Calories
  • Training Load
  • Body Measurement Features
  • Recording Features
  • CS Cadence, Speed, and GPS Sensor W.I.N.D. Features
  • S3/s3+ Stride Sensor Features
  • Data Transfer
  • Normal Watch Features
  • Battery Lasts for 8-11 months
  • Measures 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches
  • Weighs approximately 8.2 ounces only
  • Package includes Polar RCX5 training computer, H2 heart rate sensor, Polar DataLink Data Transfer Unit, and the Polar RCX5 Manual Getting Started Guide


Currently beaming with a 4.5-star rating after 70 real customer reviews at Amazon, Polar have proven time and again their unending ability of perfecting each released product. Within a week after the Polar RCX5 has been released, sports enthusiasts were heading out the door to get theirs hands on this and Polar did not disappoint.

The Polar RCX5 is a helpful GPS-enabled sports watch that has a heart monitor which works even in underwater yet manages to still look stylish. Check out these features that make the Polar RCX5 superior above others:

  1. It is capable of catering to three different sports

The Polar RCX5 can do running, cycling, and swimming. And while we love each equally, this GPS Sports Watch seems to excel most at running as it is easiest to use with or without the GPS pod regardless of location.

Since this is customizable, you can set up your personal profile. You can even create three various personal profiles. Choose one for your running, cycling, and swimming training to boost your chances of maximizing every training session.

For cycling, this can be a very capable bike computer. One can even put this on the bike handles for better view since this comes with a bike mount. The cycling mode can automatically connect to other sensors including cadence, speed, heart rate, and GPS pod.

Swimming is the area where the Polar RCX5 exceeds everyone’s expectations. Unlike the other Polar Sports Watches which cannot be used underwater, this has the ability to accurately gather heart rate data even while submerged in water.

  1. It is waterproof

This is a feature that sports enthusiasts have been waiting for the longest time. Now that it is here, the Polar RCX5 is a real standout being waterproofed up to 30 meters. This not only makes you use it perfectly under water but it is even able to transmit data and survive whacking of water against it.

  1. It works perfectly even during nighttime

The Polar RCX5 is equipped with a day-glow backlight that one can activate by pressing upper left hand button. The light then turns on for about 5 seconds before going off once again.

If you plan to train long night hours, you may want to go into Night Mode. This feature makes the watch automatically activate the light whenever any button is pressed. One can also try enabling the HeartTouch. Doing so will turn the light on whenever one swipes the watch near the heart rate transmitter.


Despite earning high scores and ratings, the Polar RCX5 is not perfect but it is incredibly versatile, slim, and absolutely comfortable to wear which makes it almost perfect especially for triathletes. The GPS feature is highly accurate and the WearLink+ and heart rate transmitter works well with most modern gym equipment today.

However, there are still those who prefer an all-in-one GPS watch. Frankly, this will depend on one’s preferences and needs. There is also no vibrator alert and does not work well with Polar power meters.

Final Verdict
Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor GPS watch

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If you want a brilliant training computer right at the comfort of your wrist or in front of you during cycling, the Polar RCX5 GPS-enabled Sports Watch is pretty hard to beat. Anyone who is serious about their fitness routine will truly appreciate everything that this sports watch offers. Best part is that it comes with a very practical price tag of just a little over $200.