Polar RC3 runners GPS Watch Review

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For any runner, improving the pace, distance and condition that they are in when running is incredibly important, which is why the Polar RC3 runners GPS watch is marketed to help such people in need.

A GPS capable watch is something that a lot of people are investing in nowadays, not just athletes. Everyone from folks trying to stay thin or who just love the feeling of physical exertion is getting them as well. Among the biggest reasons is that it helps them improve their performance much faster than simply going the conventional route, but how is it doing this?

Polar RC3 runners GPS Watch

Polar RC3 runners GPS Watch

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For the specifications of the RC3, here is a list:

  • Speed, distance and route tracking
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Has unique Polar Smart Coaching features
  • Has Back to Start feature
  • Great compatibility with a variety of running or cycling ANT sensors

Through the latest GPS innovations, the Polar RC3 GPS unit is able to track how fast you are going, how far you have gone and the route you are taking. This is essential if you have a certain place that you particularly like to run around but aren’t really that familiar with yet.

The lightweight and slim design of this device ensures that it will not be an obstacle when running as bulkier, heavier units are known to be. This makes it an ideal partner for speed and endurance improvements for runners.

The unique Polar Smart Coaching features include the Running Index as well as Training Benefit which helps runners improve on some of the more unknown parts of running. Even the smallest of changes can lead to significant boosts in performance as well as everything else. Learn more how to improve your running with a GPS watch.

For the Back to Start feature, it’s basically a GPS enabled aspect of the device that will guide runners to their starting point in the shortest possible time. This involves plotting out a course that is the shortest and not necessarily the one taken beforehand.

Lastly, the Polar RC3 GPS watch is compatible with a variety of sensors for running or cycling, so runners may feel free to customize their own programs if they wanted. This provides them with more freedom to gain the most benefits from their running activities.

Pros and Cons

Polar RC3 runners GPS Watch - zonepointerWith all of those details laid out, it might be almost guaranteed that getting the Polar RC3 runners watch is a good idea. However, here are some pros and cons to settle doubts.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and slim design won’t interfere with running
  • Innovative GPS technology for runners or cyclists
  • Good compatibility for comfort


  • Can be considered unnecessary
  • Overdependence can potentially lead to reduced progress without the device

Final Verdict

Polar RC3 runners GPS Watch - program

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Whether it’s for training for a big race or simply to improve on a skill that they already love, runners will certainly find that having the Polar RC3 runners GPS is more beneficial than anything else. The features it offers are all aimed at helping to improve.