Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch Review

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Perfectly designed to meet the needs of various athletes specifically the runners, cyclists, and the likes, the Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS watch is such a powerful, adaptable, efficient, and customizable GPS watch that anyone would surely love to have whenever out and about for training sessions.

With the Switch Up Crossover, one can easily carry out the task of becoming more fit and healthy as it allows anyone to monitor outdoor activities with extreme ease and efficiency. It is bigger than your ordinary watch.

Indeed, it looks more functional than fashionable but it is definitely of great help in giving information on what one has accomplished for the day and lets one plan more accurately the fitness plan for the coming days ahead.

Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch

Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch with Mounts and Heart Rate Monitor

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Magellan has made a name for itself with regards to portable navigation devices. You might have heard the brand name which first became popular for vehicle navigation units. However, after a few years, the brand expanded to the wrist-wear business as they introduced the Switch, which is GPS capable and perfect for athletes or sports-minded people.

The Magellan Switch Up watch is one of the more popular GPS watches of the lineup which might not be exactly the definition of being fashionable but perfect for monitoring a myriad of fitness activities including biking, hiking, running, cycling, brisk walking, and even swimming.

Check out the complete details below:

  • ANT+ Wireless Technology
  • 50-meter Water Resistance
  • High-Sensitivity GPS SiRFstarIV
  • 26-inch Monochrome High-Resolution Display
  • Customizable
  • 9 Activity Profiles
  • Audible Alerts and Notifications
  • Vibrating Alerts and Notifications
  • Thermometer
  • Cool Fitness Data
  • Training Alerts
  • Auto Lap
  • Customizable Activity Screens
  • Quick Info Screens
  • Heart-Rate Based Calorie Calculation
  • Activity History of 60 hours (1 second recording)
  • Activity Totals
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Back to Start/Location
  • Locations/Waypoints
  • Foot Pod Compatible
  • Power Meter Compatible
  • Includes Multisport Mounting Kit
  • Activity Pacer
  • Magellan Fitness Website Compatible
  • Third-Party Website Compatible
  • PC & MAC Compatible
  • Charging and Data Transfer through USB
  • Barometric Altimeter for Precise Elevation Data
  • Includes 1 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life of 8 Hours
  • Measures 0.7 x 1.7 x 2.3 inches
  • Weighs approximately 2.6 ounces
  • Package includes Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch, Data/Charging Cradle, AC Power Adaptor, 1 Wrist Mount, 1 Bike Mount with 6 Rubber Rings, operation manual and Screwdriver
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

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It has been said over and over again that the Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS watch has the functionalities to beat especially at its price. First, it is way cheaper than Garmin yet has more or less the same features. If your main concern is efficiency, this Switch Up Crossover watch is extremely efficient that some triathletes are already using it even for their actual competitions.

The Magellan Switch Up Crossover is undoubtedly a decent GPS watch that anyone can use for all outdoor activities. To know more why critics tagged this with the functionalities to beat, here are more exceptional details of the Magellan GPS watch:

  1. Ease of Use

The problem with most GPS watches or any smart watch today is that light tends to reflect especially during the day when under the bright light of the sun. But because of a high-resolution display, the Magellan Switch Up Crossover offers superior readability in different light conditions specifically under bright light.

In addition, this offers 8 hours of battery life which could literally last you all day to capture most of your activities. We suspect no one would really train, run, or swim for eight hours straight. But for those ultra athletes who do not mind being out training all day and even up to nighttime, the optional Battery Pack might come in handy.

  1. Notifications

Another great feature that sets this Magellan GPS watch apart from the rest of the lineup and especially other brands is the vibrate alert and notification. We all know the audible alerts and notifications of most GPS watches today. But how many times have you actually complained about not hearing the sounds?

With this GPS watch, you will never miss a milestone or an alarm during training because of the vibrate alert.

  1. Compatibility with Apps

Magellan has a website called Magellan Active (link) where customers can actually upload, view, and store their previous or upcoming activities. This works pretty much like a cloud storage where Magellan Switch Up Crossover watch users will have an easier time exporting and storing their fitness training data whether for personal tracking or for sharing to social networks or even third party websites.


For a relatively efficient yet inexpensive GPS watch, the Magellan Switch Up Crossover is definitely worthy of its 3 star rating with close to 50 customer reviews. In fact, most customers say that this is pretty excellent for a GPS watch as it is like having an all-around device.

However, some have specifically noted that it takes a bit longer to acquire satellite and a bit bulky for the wrist though perfect if to be mounted on bikes.

Final Verdict

Magellan Switch Up Crossover GPS Watch with Mounts and Heart Rate Monitor

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The Switch Up Crossover of Magellan is a rugged, durable, and accurate GPS watch that anyone would love to have. It is inexpensive yet provides great GPS and ANT+ monitoring options. It is easy to use yet could give the higher-end competitors a run for their money as far as practicality goes.

GPS watches did not exactly have an easy time in the industry. They were not released yesterday with sales zooming in on the following day. It actually took quite a while for consumers to understand the great benefits of GPS watches and even took them more time to actually pick it up among the shelves.

Through the months and years, consumers eventually picked up the great idea of having GPS watches. This was around the same time that the world was shaken with the many medical conditions and problems brought about by obesity. And one simply does not fight obesity sitting in a chair all day. One has to get up, stretch that sleeping body, and work out all the muscles to lose those unwanted fats.