Lowrance Elite-7 Marine GPS Review

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The Lowrance Elite-7 is a new combination unit meaning it is both a fishfinder and chartplotter with a brighter display and an even better imaging resolution. It still remains accurate as is famous for all the other models of Lowrance but domineers with an all new technology that promises to give users an even better experience whenever out at the sea.

Lowrance Elite-7 Marine GPS

Lowrance Elite-7 Marine GPS with fish finder sounder

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For those who have probably owned several types and models of marine GPS devices, fishfinders and chartplotters, you probably know better than crimp up on your budget for a really high technology unit that can deliver utmost efficiency and give you an extra boost of confidence.

Who would not want a piece of wondrous technology in his/her hands especially when out in the open sea? This Lowrance Elite-7 holds so much more features than your basic fishfinders and chartplotters. It offers features that are way out of the traditional but will surely give you a better experience.

Check out this list of specifications:

  • Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI)
  • Broadband Sounder
  • Keypad LED Backlighting
  • 800 x 480 Pixel Resolution SolarMAX 256-color TFT Display
  • Adjustable Screen
  • 7-Inch Widescreen
  • 7-Inch Color LCD
  • Maximum Power Output of 500W RMS
  • 3000 Waypoint Management
  • Comes in 31 Different Languages
  • Operating Voltage of 12 vDC
  • Exclusive DownScan Imaging Fishfinder
  • 2D and Down Imaging
  • Maximum Depth of 1000 or 2500 feet 2D/300 feet Down Imaging
  • Chartplotter with Basemap
  • Built-In Internal 16-Channel GPS Antenna
  • Built-In Memory for 3,000 Waypoints, 100 Routes, and 100 Retraceable Plot Trails
  • Detailed US Background Map
  • Optional Charting Upgrades
  • Insight Genesis
  • Includes Transom Mount 83/200 KHz Transducer
  • 70% Larger Elite Color Display
  • New Page Selector Menu
  • Quick Access to Features
  • Multi-Window Display
  • Advanced NMEA 2000 Networking Compatibility
  • Waterproof Micro-SD Memory Card Slot
  • Supported by Lowrance Advantage Service Program
  • Compatible with Navionics Gold Chart Cards, Fishing Hotspots, and Lake Master Map Cards
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Measures 9.2 x 5.6 x 3 inches
  • Weighs approximately 3.5 pounds

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Lowrance Elite-7 Marine GPS with fish finder sounderFeatures

As the name implies, this is the elite model of Lowrance for their much-loved fishfinders/chartplotters. It has elite in its name because it is destined to be one of the greatest marine gadgets today. It might cost more but there is no doubt it is very well worth it.

As critics say, this has to be “hands down” one of the most effective and technological advanced if not the best combination unit of fishfinder and chartplotter today. To educate you more of why this Lowrance Elite-7 is such a great buy, here are some of its elite features:

  1. It has excellent GPS capabilities

Originally referred to as the Lowrance Elite-7 Hybrid Dual Imaging Series, this marine device incorporates excellent GPS capabilities with course plotting which truly takes navigation and on-water pilotage to a higher level. Who, in the right mind, can resist a device that promises to perfectly combine intuitive, effortless, and efficient?

However, since this device features a very advanced technology, one must expect a slight learning curve to get the hang of it. But once you do get the hang of it, everything that follows become simple and easy.

  1. It is a highly sophisticated fish finding device

The Lowrance Elite-7 is recognized as the closest you will ever be to a perfect navigation tool. But more than that, this is also one highly sophisticated device that is effective for fishfinding. One gets to have clear views of fish, structures, bottom surface, and all the other details through the advanced motherboard and processor.

  1. It can take micro SD cards

Not all marine devices today have micro SD slots. Basically, a fishfinder/chartplotter is more affordable if it does not have micro SD slots. However, if you are looking to purchase something that can last a long time and can be upgraded, then you have to consider Lowrance Elite-7.

It has a micro-SD slot that can further be used to display other marine navigation apps. This also means that this device can be used with other electronic fishing or boating maps across North America. Read the manual to find out how to use the SD card slot.

Pros & Cons

While this Lowrance Elite-7 is absolutely a world-opening navigation device, there are customers who appreciate every single feature and those who just cannot be satisfied.

Satisfied customers say that it works perfectly well and is readable even under direct sunlight as it provides a clear view of what is underneath while unsatisfied customers say that clarity varies from time to time and that they are not sure if it is just a software glitch or some units are plain defective.

Final Verdict

Lowrance Elite-7 Marine GPS with fish finder sounder

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The Lowrance Elite-7 is not perfect and it does not claim to be. But it does claim to provide users with a more advanced technology that have been proven to be helpful for those fishing trips or for open water adventures.

This device doesn’t come cheap at its current sale price of a little over $500 but it is definitely a great investment especially when it starts working like the champ that it is created to be.