Lowrance Elite-5M Marine GPS Review

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Taking navigation performance to a higher level is the Lowrance Elite-5M that features extraordinary precision and functionality while remaining perfectly affordable for anyone. This marine device takes everything about a chartplotter to a whole new level as it gives a whole new view with brighter and clearer colors through its brilliant display and at the same time a feature-rich experience. One can get all these for a very affordable price of just a little above $300.

Most customers bought this just because it looks like a nice plotter but later come home with an absolutely amazing product. As a result, one gets good savings with this Lowrance Elite-5M given that this offers top screen performance and high quality sonar capabilities.

Lowrance Elite-5M Marine GPS

Lowrance Elite-5M HD Plotter with Navionics Gold U.S. Charts Marine GPS

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Despite having a higher end model that promises more technologically advanced features and a less expensive price tag, the Lowrance Elite-5M marine GPS still comes out as the winner. From adjustable screen features to wider viewing angles and up to ease of use even with the advanced features, the Lowrance Elite-5M seems to be making magic from its manufacturer details.

Check these out:

  • Packed with Custom Navionics GOLD detail of Coastal US and Canada
  • Chartplotter C-Map Charts for Canada and South America
  • Display of 5 inches or 12.7 cm SolarMAX PLUS Color
  • Resolution of 256 color TFT 480 x 480
  • 16 Channels for the GPS Receiver/Antennae
  • Waypoint Management of up to 3000.
  • Comes with 23 Different Languages
  • Keypad Backlight
  • Adjustable Screen
  • Easy one-hand tilt
  • Swivel View Adjustment
  • Micro-SD card expandability
  • Internal Lithium Battery
  • 5-Year Advantage Service
  • 100 Routes with 100 Waypoints Per Route
  • Built-In GPS Antenna
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Hardware
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Measures 10 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Weighs approximately 2 pounds
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for Parts and Labor


The Lowrance Elite-5M is a very great tool if one knows how to use properly. It is not actually the most advanced elite model but this quickly became a favorite among users because of its simplicity, efficiency, and of course, the lower price tag.

Gathering a perfect 5-star rating at Amazon, customers clearly indicated how happy they are for replacing their old tools with this Lowrance Elite-5M. If you are wondering what makes them ultimately happy that they all gave a flawless 5-star rating, here are some of the elite features that customers appreciate:

  1. It has better viewing capabilities

While fishfinders are generally small marine tools that is not designed to work and look as beautiful as your tablets, this Lowrance Elite-5M veers away from the traditional screen and instead features a 3.6-inch wide x 3.6-inch high display screen. Not only that, it now carries a 480 x 480 pixels of resolution.

As a result, the screen of the Lowrance Elite-5M is sharp and bright. This further paves way for easy readability under any circumstance. It does not even matter if you are wearing your favorite polarized sunglass or not. Clarity will always be spectacular that you might be amazed each time you are going to use this.

  1. It is easy to operate

The Lowrance Elite-5M basically has six front panel pushbuttons and an easy-to-understand keypad control. The pages are another easy story to tell. In fact, you do not need any guide in order for you to start navigating. Simply choose one among the four screens or pages which are Steer, Sonar, Chart/Sonar, and Chart.

This marine device seems to scream fun and ease of use with each page interface. However, one cannot find any exit key because there normally is a popup to exit the menu. Read the easy-to-read manual if you want to find out all the features of this great marine GPS device.

  1. It has amazing fishfinder capabilities

The Lowrance Elite-5M has an internal sounder which is capable of producing up to 500 watts of power if coupled with the 83/200 kHz transom-mount transducer. You can find several standard features here – auto and manual depth ranging, bottom lock, and zoom. Load the latest fishing hot spots and with this fish finder you are very sure to catch lots of fish!

In addition, this can also display water temperature and even speed if one wishes to determine them. Going from one option to another with regards to this unit’s fishfinder capabilities is remarkably simple. However, if one wants to dive further into more advanced features, one can easily do so by accessing the main menu.

Final Verdict

Lowrance Elite-5M HD Plotter with Navionics Gold U.S. Charts Marine GPS

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The Lowrance Elite-5M has undoubtedly given more reasons for every customer to smile with satisfaction. This device is simultaneous yet offers the option to go for manual settings. As customers have put it, this Elite-5M by Lowrance provides a clear and easy to follow route that even a newbie can easily follow.

With not even a single constructive criticism, this Lowrance Elite-5M continue to provide pleasure and unmatched efficiency to the people who are open for new marine tools.