IZZO Swami Golf GPS Watch Review

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In the modern golf world, many people consider a high quality GPS golf watch to be one of the most important pieces of equipment in their bag. A golf watch can measurably improve your game by giving you a detailed guide for every shot you make. At first, golfing GPSs came in the form of large, bulky rangefinders that wouldn’t even fit in your pocket. Now the same technology can be fitted to a small, lightweight wristwatch.

One of the most popular golf watches available today is the IZZO Swami. The Swami watch is an updated and scaled down version of the well-known IZZO Swami 4000, which has been used in competitive play for almost a decade. The Swami watch takes everything you’d expect to find in a full-sized range finder and puts it all in a small, wrist-mounted unit. The watch also offers impressive styling by incorporating IZZO’s classic yellow and black design with a rugged, water-resistant exterior. The overall convenience of having a wrist-mounted GPS unit over a handheld one is highlighted by the IZZO Swami’s ease of use. All of the courses come preloaded into the watch, so the Swami watch can be used right out of the box with barely any setup. All the user has to do is step onto the course and start playing, and the IZZO Swami watch will do the rest.

IZZO Swami Golf GPS Watch

IZZO Swami Watch Golf GPS

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  • The IZZO Swami GPS golf watch has a rugged and compact design, but still offers an easy-to-read LCD screen
  • The display is approximately 0.8 inches square and is backlit to help when the watch is in direct sunlight
  • The Swami has a black and yellow rubber exterior that weighs just over two ounces and offers superior protection to the watch’s internal parts
  • The Swami watch keeps its interface simple by only incorporating four buttons: a power and backlight button, an okay and menu button, an up button, and a down button
  • The IZZO Swami comes prepackaged with a long-lasting Lithium-polymer battery that can last over forty days in time mode
  • The watch comes packaged with its own charging station that can be connected directly to a PC, wall outlet, or car charger
  • If your charge station is connected to your computer through a USB port, your watch can download updates and sync data while it’s recharging
  • It only takes a few hours to fully charge your IZZO Swami
  • The Swami’s maps can be updated when connected a Mac or PC


In the competitive GPS golf watch market, the IZZO Swami stands out by providing useful features at an unbeatable price. The main screen of the watch displays the distance to the front, back, and center of the green, which is helpful when deciding what club to use. The Swami also features a new auto-advance system that will move you to the next hole automatically once you’ve finished with your previous hole. By using the auto-advance system, you’re able to turn on the watch’s GPS mode when you step onto the course and then keep playing without ever having to fiddle with your watch. By the time you get to the next tee box, the IZZO Swami will have already calculated the shot distances for the hole and displayed them on the LCD screen. The Swami watch also keeps your score and provides you with a running total for the round.

The IZZO Swami is supremely accurate and has an error distance of only a few yards. The watch outperforms many of its competitors when it comes to accuracy, but the most impressive part of the Swami is how quickly it is able to connect to satellites and give a precise reading. While many golf watches take minutes to relay information to the user, the Swami only needs a few seconds. The watch comes preloaded with over 28,000 worldwide course maps that can be updated for free, without any hidden membership plans or fees.


  • The watch is competitively priced when put up against comparable models
  • The Izzo Swami watch can keep your score, so you don’t have to fiddle with score cards and hunt for pencils in the bottom of your bag
  • Course updates for the device can be downloaded completely free of charge, with no hidden service fees
  • Izzo keeps the Swami’s user interface simple, so you only have to deal with a few buttons instead of going through complicated menus
  • The watch has an extended battery life and can last through several full rounds before it needs to be charged
  • The Swami watch lets you focus in on distant targets by mapping fixed points on the front, back, and center of the green
  • The device is able to quickly connect to satellites to give you information, so you aren’t left standing around waiting for your shot data to load
  • The watch has many adjustable settings so you can customize every aspect of your watch’s screen
  • The Izzo Swami can measure the distance of your shots


  • The watch doesn’t display information about hazards on the course
  • The Swami watch doesn’t come with built-in Mac support, but it can be downloaded in a firmware update
  • Some users have mentioned that the Izzo Swami Watch is difficult to use when wearing golfing gloves
  • Players can’t save their score online, unlike other watches that keep complex user databases

Final Verdict

IZZO Swami Watch Golf GPS

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The IZZO Swami GPS golf watch maximizes your performance on the course at the push of a button. Along with being a world-class GPS golf watch, the IZZO Swami transforms into an excellent timepiece the minute you step off the green. With every feature you could ever want in a watch or a GPS device, the Swami is at the top of its class. A favorite of professionals and golf enthusiasts alike, the Swami maintains a very high review rating because of its timeless quality and useful interface. Very accurate and simple to use, the IZZO Swami is one of the best GPS golf watches on the market today.