Humminbird 859ci HD Marine GPS + Fishfinder Review

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Wherever you like to fish, it is almost a guarantee that you want to get the most out of the experience as much as possible. After all, you made the time and effort just to leave early and bringing all the gear you need. You might as well bring the Humminbird 859ci marine GPS along too.

Humminbird 859ci HD Marine GPS + Fishfinder

Humminbird 859ci HD DI Marine GPS Fish Finder combo

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With so many gadgets in the markets that perform marine navigation and fish finding services that the Humminbird 859ci can provide, it makes sense to learn about its features so that you know what you are getting. We can start with the following for that:

  • 7-inch LED display
  • DualBeam PLUS sonar
  • GPS Chart plotting
  • 360 degree imaging
  • SwitchFire sonar
  • Internal GPS
  • Upgradeable software
  • Dual card slots
  • Hi-Def display
  • Contour XD cartography
  • HD Radar
  • AIS technology
  • i-PILOT link
  • Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points:2,750, 45, 50/20,000
  • Depth Capability:1500 ft & 3000 ft
  • Screen snap shot
  • Sonar recording
  • XNT 9 20 T transducer standard
  • Transom transducer mounting
  • 5 port expansion module
  • Selective Fish ID+
  • Real Time Sonar
  • Triplog included
  • X-Press Menu System
Humminbird 859ci HD DI Marine GPS Fish Finder combo


  1. High definition LED display

With the 7-inch LED display, you get excellent visual clarity to help you make use of the features to find the fishes you want. The 800H x 480V and 16:9 color aspects ensure that you get as many details as you could ask for as well. The high definition part is definitely a plus for getting an excellent view even when sunlight is harshly bright.

  1. DualBeam PLUS technology

For awesome detail and extensive coverage area, the two beams combine to give you dual view options. The narrow beam is for more accurate visuals while the wide beam is so you have a wider range to look through.

  1. 360 Degree imaging

This marine GPS and sonar combo from Humminbird gives you a full sweep of your surroundings so that you never miss any angle. You could also do an isolated sweep as well as use 5 preset views to suit your needs on any particular moment.

  1. Humminbird 859ci HD DI Marine GPS Fish Finder comboSwitchFire Sonar for better fish finding results

This is one of the more impressive features of the Humminbird 859ci since it allows you to control the return of your sonar. More experienced anglers will especially appreciate this feature since they can account for all the details that they can add or remove so that they will get the absolute best results that they are looking for. In terms of depth, temperature, turbulence and everything else, it’s all up to your preference with the two display modes.

  1. Upgradeable software

If you want a little more kick to your kit, you can upgrade the software of the unit whenever an update is available. This is definitely a must have since water conditions and mapping routes change all the time.

  1. Dual card slots for added functional flexibility

One of the available slots can be used for advanced cartography as well as when you want to take a screenshot and want to save that image. The other can be used for recording sonar activities as well as saving waypoints.

  1. Contour XD Cartography

With this map cartography base that is built in the Humminbird 859ci, you have access to over 3,000 lakes all over the nation. You can view their depth contours along with numerous other locations that don’t have contours.

  1. HD Radar and AIS for safer fishing

Through dark surroundings, thick fog, busy routes or dangerous weather, you will always have a good grasp of your surroundings. This will allow you to enjoy your pursuit of the best catch and avoid any unpleasant experience during your trip.

Speaking of which, the AIS system prevents any problems that involve other boats in a busy channel from occurring. You can then choose the best places where you will get the best catches without risks.

  1. i-PILOT Link and NMEA 2000

Finally, you have these two features that allow you to keep track and keep in control whenever using the Humminbird 859ci for fishing is concerned. Always know which spots are the most productive for you and always be aware of how much fuel is left, along with engine performance as well as other relevant data concerning your vessel.


Unfortunately, despite its outstanding list of features, this particular model of a marine GPS and fishfinder sonar combo from Humminbird is not for everyone. Novices might have a hard time using it and have the tendency to make you overly dependent. Traditionally-inclined anglers might find the challenge lacking since it does everything for you.

Final Verdict

Humminbird 859ci HD DI Marine GPS Fish Finder combo

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To wrap things up, the Humminbird 859ci marine GPS and fish finding sonar is certainly one of the more convenient fishing GPS gadgets in the market. Thanks to its accurate imagery and returns, fishing can yield more fruit with every effort.

However, it all boils down to what you really need. If all you want is to be able to enjoy your trip with no hassle, this is the unit that will make it happen. It’s really up to the users. You might want to check out the 858c of Humminbird as well.