Humminbird 858c Combo Marine GPS and Chart Plotter Review

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Featuring a brilliant color, wide-screen display, the Humminbird 858c Combo marine GPS and chart plotter presents the world a new realm of aquatic electronics. The display is breathtakingly beautiful yet unbelievably efficient in every conceivable way.

If you are looking for the latest technologies in marine devices, the Humminbird 858c has every possible fish-finding and GPS feature that will truly leave you with an experience that will make you want to come back for more.

Humminbird 858c Combo Marine GPS and Chart Plotter

Humminbird 858c Combo marine GPS and chart plotter device

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With expandability in mind, there is probably no other marine gadget that allows a more profound way of exploring all the other possibilities when out in the ocean. It now includes an Ethernet communications port. With this new and innovative feature, the Humminbird 858c easily connect to other units to gather all the correct data and information.

What is even better is that all the shared data can then be viewed and controlled in a different but absolutely fantastic manner that one might feel a marine expert in no time. Because of this, the Humminbird 858c proves that networks are not just for home and business offices but even right at the middle of the sea.

Check out more of the interesting features of this Humminbird 858c marine GPS and chartplotter:

  • 7-inch Diagonal Screen
  • 480V x 800H Pixel Color Screen
  • 16:9 Color TFT Screen
  • 1500 ft, 2000 ft
  • 83/200KHZ DualBeam PLUS Sonar
  • 500 Watts Transmit Power
  • GPS Chartplotting with External Antenna
  • Advanced Fishing System Capabilities
  • Rugged Construction
  • Built-In Contour XD Chart
  • Internal Memory
  • 2,750 Waypoints
  • 45 Routes
  • 50 Tracks of 20,000 points each
  • Custom Digital Readouts
  • Large Digit View
  • Quick Disconnect Mounting
  • Trip Log
  • X-Press Menu System
  • Transom Mount Reducer
  • Installation Hardware
  • Owner Manual
  • Backlight
  • Weighs approximately 7.3 pounds
  • Measures 14 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty of 1 Year
Humminbird 858c Combo marine GPS and chart plotter - specifications


The Humminbird 858c is a great example of where marine GPS technology and power meet. As a result, one can only expect amazing results that any angler would only dream of achieving.

From the expansive features to keeping track of water temperature and instant snapshots, the Humminbird 858c can surely keep you busy all day long with its impressive and efficient features.

  1. Provides more accurate GPS signals

Being equipped with an ASGR50 external GPS receiver with 50 channels of WAAS compliant GPS signals, the Humminbird 858c marine GPS and chart plotter puts the industry’s 24-hour position plotting to shame with a Humminbird Precision GPS (link), which provides a more accurate position.

This is unparalleled GPS technology with its powerful precision. Thus, this capability allows fast accurate position within a span of 2.5 meters.

  1. Features the famous and exclusive SwitchFire technology

This has been Humminbird’s legacy of sonar innovation and therefore no Humminbird gadget would be complete without it. This incredible technology puts anglers in command of how they need or want the sonars to appear on the beautiful display.

There are two unique display modes where one can choose to adjust various fishing conditions. Depending on the need and situation, one can add or remove details with regards to water depth, temperature, and even turbulences. The best part is that everything can be done in a simple push of a button.

Because of all these, this Humminbird 858c brings 2D fish finding to a whole new dimension that is simply clearer and better than all the other marine devices you have tried before.

  1. Has an Ethernet communications port

Because of such innovation, one now has the capability of creating an unprecedented fishing environment. This Ethernet communications port makes it possible to remotely connect a transducer and control up to six downriggers.

If you frequently go on fishing with a bunch of your friends, this new feature makes the Humminbird 858c Combo the ultimate fishing system with its 5-port Ethernet switch that links together multiple head units.


With experts from all over the country agreeing to the fact that this Humminbird 858c marks the start of a new generation of marine GPS devices, there is hardly a downside that you can read even if you scour the internet.

A concern, though, that was raised by few consumers is that it would have been way easier if there was an on-water manual and a better simulation mode for them to practice. Another concern is the fact that consumers needed to buy a separate home power supply converter as it does not come with one.

Final Verdict

Humminbird 858c Combo marine GPS and chart plotter device - screen detail

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Most consumers bought this Humminbird 858c marine GPS and chart plotter with sounder as an upgrade from their previous units. If you will notice all the reviews around the internet, once you go Humminbird, you will never go back to any other brand for that matter.

You would not understand how amazing this marine device is until you have seen and experienced it for yourself. There are several great reasons behind its almost perfect 4-star rating at Amazon and you surely do not want to miss out on those.