Golf Buddy GPS Range Finding Watch Review

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In a market dominated by smartphones and competing GPS devices, the Golf Buddy wrist-mounted GPS system has become the industry standard for quality and design. One of the first companies to produce a GPS rangefinder in the form of a watch, Golf Buddy has made three well-known models of their popular golf watch design. Used by professionals and casual players alike, the Golf Buddy is a common sight on golf courses all over America. In recent years, rangefinders have become so popular that a golf watch is as critical to a golfer’s success as having a full bag of clubs.

Golf Buddy VT3

GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch

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The next step in advanced golfing technology, the Golf Buddy VT3 brings an enhanced set of features in one small package. Featuring a fully backlit touchscreen, the Golf Buddy VT3 puts all the information you could ever need at your fingertips. With a special target screen that displays the nearest hazards, the Golf Buddy VT3 will have you playing like a pro. Featuring a built in GPS odometer, the VT3 will also keep close track of how far you walk every round. The watch comes with a built in score tracking system so you never have to fumble with scorecards again.


  • The Golf Buddy VT3 comes programmed with over 36,000 golf courses from around the world
  • There are no membership fees or hidden download fees
  • The VT3 Gives the user advanced pin placement setting that can be used on any course already programmed into the Golf Buddy VT3
  • The watch is very lightweight and sits comfortably on the user’s wrist


  • The Golf Buddy VT3 is a little too easy to detach from the band, so it can sometimes come off when you put your hand in your pocket
  • The Micro USB can be hard to attack to the watch if you have large fingers

The watch has a course capacity of over 40,000, so you can load the watch with tons of new updates and custom courses. The Golf Buddy VT3 comes standard with a powerful lithium polymer battery that has an operating life of over ten hours.

Golf Buddy WT3

GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch

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The latest addition to the Golf Buddy catalogue, the WT3 is packed with tons of features while remaining comfortable to wear. Preloaded with over 38,000 global courses, the WT3 has become popular with golfers worldwide. The watch keeps everything simple by implementing a streamlined interface that presents every feature on an easy-to-navigate menu. The WT3 comes mounted on a comfortable silicone wristband that won’t chafe the user’s wrist during the back swing or when it’s worn as an everyday watch.


  • The watch is waterproof so it can be used rain or shine
  • The WT3 weighs about 2.57 ounces making it extremely light for a golf watch
  • The device has a large 1.25 inch Transflective liquid-crystal (TLC) display
  • The Golf Buddy WT3 can be connected to your computer through a USB cable that downloads updates and charges the watch at the same time
  • The watch automatically recognized the golf course and the hole you’re on
  • The GPS tracks your total miles walked, total time played, and your average miles per hour traveled


  • The battery doesn’t last very long if left in GPS mode
  • The Golf Buddy WT3 is sensitive to lower temperatures, so be sure to store it someplace warm and dry during the winter

Equipped with an advanced pin-placing system, the WT3 lets the user place the pin anywhere on virtual representation of the green that shows up on the display. The watch comes with a digital scorecard that shows you the hole, the par, and your score, as well as your overall score that round. The Golf Buddy WT3 can be used as a regular timepiece when you’re not golfing, making the WT3 just as useful at home as it is on the fairway.

Golf Buddy Voice+

GolfBuddy Voice+ GPS Rangefinder Watch

An update to Golf Buddy’s already popular Voice GPS watch, the Voice+ comes equipped with an advanced set of features to provide you greater comfort and usability. With a sleek and simple user interface, the Golf Buddy Voice+ shows you the distance to the front, back, and center of the green in large, easy-to-read numbers. The Golf Buddy Voice+ comes programmed with an advanced shot measuring system that tracks how far you hit the ball with each stroke. The moment you step onto the fairway, the Voice+ detects what course its at and asks for the user’s permission to sync to the local satellites. This auto-recognition software means that you won’t have to dig through annoying menus to find the right course in the right state.


  • The silicone wristband is comfortable and sturdy
  • The battery lasts over eleven hours in GPS mode which is enough for a full day of nonstop golfing
  • There are no hidden fees or expenses
  • The Main screen in functional and easy to read and understand
  • The Golf Buddy Voice Plus comes preloaded with over 40,000 international courses
  • The watch can be detached from the silicone band and mounted on a belt loop or on the brim of your hat


  • The watch doesn’t automatically change the hole when you reach the next tee box
  • The monochrome LCD screen can be hard to read in direct sunlight

The Golf Buddy Voice+ comes packaged with many useful accessories, so you don’t need to buy any aftermarket adaptors or cases. Along with the Golf Buddy Voice+ rangefinder, the watch comes with a silicone case to protect the watch against water and fall damage. The watch also comes with a removable wristband that can be easily attached to the back of the Golf Buddy Voice+. The device also comes with a wall charger and a data cable so you can charge up your watch by connecting it directly into an outlet. The Golf Buddy Voice+ can be updated for free at any time by connecting the watch to your PC or Mac using the Golf Buddy’s data cable.