Garmin Rino 755T and Garmin Rino 750 Hiking GPS Review

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Anyone of you still remember those walkie-talkie radios? During the time when there were no cellular phones yet, these bulky devices were the most reliable form of mobile communication. Despite relying only on radio frequencies and occasional radio towers, walkie-talkies or 2-way radios allowed people to communicate from great distances. Whether it was wartime, search and rescue operations, even searching for a mate, it was the walkie-talkie that was the “in thing” then.

Today, the 2-way radio has to go head to head with the smartphone. Lacking the sophisticated gadgetry of the latter, the 2-way radio has evolved towards being able to provide other devices. Aside from increasing its radio range, 2-way radios now also have GPS and satellite tracking ability in addition to providing other services. And as you know, smartphone have very limited reception in the backcountry; something you can’t rely on and  therefore such radio could be you life saving!

Two excellent modern hiking GPS with 2-way radios are available on the market today. Made by Garmin, they are the Rino 750 and the Rino 755T.

Garmin Rino 750 Hiking GPS with radio Garmin Rino 755T Hiking GPS with radio


Garmin Rino 755T Hiking GPSBoth the Rino 750 and the 755T were designed specifically to be used in the backcountry. These hiking GPS navigators with 2-way radio models are among the devices from Garmin in their outdoor segment. Rugged, durable and very reliable, they can be used almost anywhere on the globe. Whether you are a field technician who performs regular maintenance work outdoors, a ranger who is deployed in some of the remote places in the world, or the outdoor junkie fond of hiking and camping, the Garmin 750 and 755T will surely suit your needs.

Both have highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS satellite reception for better tracking of environments, even those with challenging conditions. They also support Bluetooth audio headset receiver for better voice communication, similar to that used on mobile phones.

They can provide weather information thru Active Weather forecasts and animated weather radar; very useful for those who are always on the field. The Emergency Alert feature lets you call for help from other users of Rino 700 radio series in case of emergencies.

They also provide smart notifications and automatic uploads via the Garmin Connect online network. Both also come with a customizable interface via the Connect IQ App so you can install apps, widgets and data fields.

The large 3-inch touchscreen display with anti-sun glare so you can read information better while outdoors; provides for dual orientation of either landscape or portrait view. Both come with a high-resolution and auto focus 8 MP camera w/ LED flash and torch for excellent pictures while outdoors.

The Garmin Rino 755t also includes the latest TOPO US 100K mapping, and a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. Next to that you can make great photos with the 755t with its 8MP camera and also comes with an LED flash and torch.

Garmin Rino 755T Specifications and Features

Garmin Rino 755T Hiking GPS specifications Performance Maps

Garmin Rino 755T Hiking GPS Outdoor features two-way radio additional
Garmin 3inch Garmin Rino 755t Hiking GPS - waypoints map compass altimeter


The Garmin 750 and 755T 2-way radios are the present-day evolution of the walkie-talkie two decades ago. Robustly designed to be used on almost environment, these two Garmin radios are an excellent means of communication should you find yourself in a spot where signals from cellular phone providers are already out of reach. Making use of radio frequencies and satellite signal, you remain connected with anyone tuned in to radio channels. Whereas other communication gadgets may have given up, the 750 and the 755T have not yet.

Both the Garmin 750 and 755T come with a powerful 2-way radio transceiver that can function in almost kinds of situations and surroundings. Whether you are on a vast open field, a forest or woodland with a lot of tree cover, or on a mountainous region, both Garmin radios allow you to keep in touch with one another. If the situation is such that voice communication becomes too difficult and cumbersome, like in places where the winds blows so hard, the 750 and 755T has text message capability from unit to unit.

The Garmin 750 and 755T also lets you share with your fellow Garmin users your field information like waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches. This comes handy for those who might get separated, lost, or encounter an accident. Using the shared field information, it becomes easier to locate one another and address needs especially during emergencies.

One thing that people love about the Garmin Rino 750 and 755T is the LCD screen. The 3” screen display is bright and easy to read. It also is glove friendly, which is quite essential as most field personnel wear gloves to protect their hands while outdoors.

The screen is also designed to work even when under extreme sunlight. So it does not matter if say you were on top of the mountain during high noon, with the bright ball shining directly on you. You can clearly read what’s on the 750 and 755T screen display.

The camera feature is another excellent feature. At 8 megapixels, you can capture and preserve your fondest and memorable moments while on the field. The pictures also are automatically geotagged with coordinates of their location. That way, if you decide to go back and reminisce on that exact spot, you can easily find it using the Garmin 750 and 755T radios.

There are a few downsides to the Garmin Rino 755T. For one, many noticed how the radio range seemed limited. This is probably because the FRS radio uses 5 watts of power and while the range reaches as far 20 miles, some say this falls short when compared to the radio range of other brands.

For the Garmin Rino 750, one thing users and testers took exception with is the 100K topo map which was not built-in or pre-loaded. Also, there were some reports of the Garmino Rino 750 interfering with the GPS application of smartphones when they were enabled. This happened on occasion when having the 750 around and the smartphone was being used to navigate, like in a vehicle.

Final Verdict

 Garmin Rino 755T Hiking GPSGarmin Rino 700 series - 755T and 750 Hiking GPS Navigators

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The Garmin Rino 750 and 755T are two of the most excellent 2-way radio models you can get today. They are an excellent reminder to everyone that radio communication still has its place in today’s Age.

The combination of radio frequency communication with GPS and satellite tracking makes the Rino 750 and 755T very useful for those who are always deployed outdoors, navigating through the rugged unknown. Able to home in with other Rino radio users, the 750 and 755T makes sure to stay connected to the rest of the world.