Garmin Edge 200 Bike GPS Review

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Fitness cycling is one of those activities that lend itself to data analysis. Cyclists like to keep tabs on their pedal cadence, elapsed time, route milestones, and various other data points about their rides and compare them from day to day. The Garmin Edge 200 offers a simple and straightforward way for riders to track all the most popular parameters of their rides without fussing with equipment constantly. The GPS-enabled Edge 200 tracks time, speed, distance, and estimates how many calories you’ve burned, while it also uses GPS information to know exactly where you are at any time.

Garmin Edge 200 Bike GPS

Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer

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  • GPS-enabled cycling computer
  • Tracks time, speed, distance traveled, and GPS position
  • 1.9 inches x 2.7 inches x 0.8 inches thick
  • 1.2-inch b 1.4-inch display
  • 128 x 160 pixel resolution
  • Weighs 2.1 ounces
  • Internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Runs for up to 14 hours on a charge
  • Waterproof to IPX-7 standard
  • Can store and recall up to 1,000 laps
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


The Garmin Edge 200 is tiny by bike computer standards, barely larger than an iPod. Since the device is going to be right in front of your face when you’re riding, it really doesn’t need a bigger screen in order to show you the salient information you want. The small size makes mounting the device easy, since it’s less likely to interfere with other items you might have affixed to your handlebars.

Set It Up Once and Forget It

When you first power on the Garmin Edge 200, it goes through a series of questions to set the device up properly for the particular user like language, Imperial or metric measurements, the manner of displaying time, your gender and weight, and other information pertinent to cycling statistics. You’ll only have to go through the menu once unless another rider wants to use it. While the Garmin Edge 200 doesn’t have any way to track your heart rate, by using the information you give it about your physical makeup and then collecting information about how far you ride and how fast you go, the unit can make fairly detailed calculations of how many calories you’ve burned on a ride.

Easy Menu Navigation

The unit defaults to an opening screen when you turn it on and it’s locating satellite signals. This screen offers four functions: Courses, Ride, History, and Settings. The unit is amazingly fast at locking on to satellites, usually taking only 3 to 5 seconds to get a reading. For most people, you’d just hit the Ride icon and head off on your trip.

Four Data Feeds on One Screen

The Display offers four data feeds at a time. It shows your current speed, the distance you’ve traveled, and the amount of time elapsed since you began. The fourth data stream can be changed to suit the user by pushing the page button and allows you to choose from Average Speed, Ascent, or Calories Burned. If you’d prefer to track lap times instead, you can press the lap button and get that information at the bottom of the screen instead.

If you want to stop your data feed for any reason, you can hit the Pause button, which temporarily stops collection of information, but doesn’t reset anything. That’s useful if you don’t want to count time spent waiting at traffic lights and other interruptions that would skew your results.

The Garmin Edge 200 offers an interesting utility call the Auto Lap. If you’re uncomfortable pressing the buttons to begin and end laps, the device can be set to automatically keep track of laps of any arbitrary length. You can then simply concentrate on your performance over time as you repeat the lap length again and again.

Audible Alerts Keep You on Track

Cycling fitness routines can test your ability to concentrate, and safety demands that you pay close attention to the road as well. Cyclists will appreciate the Garmin Edge 200 alerts feature that allows you to hear an audible cue along with a screen message at any interval you choose. If you want to stop after a certain distance, time, or amounts of calories that are burned, these alerts can keep you on schedule without thinking about them during your ride. Read here how to improve your cycling trainings with a GPS device.

GPS Technology Guides You on Your Route

Once you return home, you can sync your Garmin Edge 200 to Garmin Connect and project your ride onto a map, including waypoints. This utility allows you to concentrate on information like laps or time elapsed while you’re riding, and then have the computer calculate distance after your ride is complete. You can also program the Garmin Edge for a series of regular courses, and pick them out of a menu and then set out on your way with no further calculations. You won’t get turn-by-turn directions like you would when using a car GPS, but you will get breadcrumb-style cues on the screen when it’s time to make a turn. It’s easy and fun.


  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Very affordable and durable
  • Operation is simple and results are extremely accurate
  • Turns on and locks on to satellites amazingly quickly so it doesn’t delay your ride
  • Long battery life means you can ride all day on one charge
  • Completely compatible with Garmin Connect fitness software
  • Versatile mounting brackets make it easy to locate the device securely almost anywhere on your handlebars


  • The unit is not compatible with ANT+ accessories, so you can’t train indoors in the winter of sync with heart rate data or collect cadence information
  • Altimeter can be inexact
  • Almost no customization of fields allowed, but the device is so simple that might not matter to very many people

Final Verdict

Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer -2

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The users of the Garmin Edge 200 are almost unanimous in their love for this little device. An astonishing 93 percent of purchasers rate the Edge 200 at four stars or above, and a full 70 percent give it five stars. This is actually what we expected after our review as well, although we must say that the more higher-end Edge models (like the Edge 810 or Edge 1000) will provide you more detailed information.

It’s literally impossible to find someone that’s tried the device that gives it a one-star review. The Garmin Edge 200 is inexpensive, easy to set up and use, durable, useful, and gets great reviews. It’s a best buy!