Furuno GP1670F Marine GPS and Fishfinder Review

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Whether it’s for plotting the topography of a body of water, trying to find schools of fish, mapping out habitats or whatever else, devices including the Furuno GP1670F are incredibly useful. You never have to worry that your fishing trip will end up in failure or that you can’t catch the types of fish you were looking for. Naturally, there is much more to it than that.

Furuno GP1670F Marine GPS Chart Plotter and Fishfinder

Furuno GP1670F Combination Marine GPS / Fishfinder / Chartplotter

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In order for something like the Furuno GP1670F marine GPS to be of any use, it has to have features that make getting it a worthwhile endeavor. Here’s a list of the services that this product can offer so that you can make up your own mind to this effect.

  • 7” Colour GPS Plotter/Sounder
  • Scree Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Transducer Frequency: 50/200 kHz
  • 600w or 1kW capable
  • Waterproof Rating: IP56
  • Equipped with internal GPS antenna
  • RotoKey™ revolving menu and familiar point-and-click operation
  • Supports detailed C-MAP 4D charts by Jeppesen
  • Dual Range Chart Display
  • ACCU-FISH & Bottom Discrimination
  • Post-processing Gain Control


Every devices has its upsides and its downsides, and it’s important for customers to be able to distinguish which of them is which when using something that will affect their needs in real time. As such, here are the benefits of using the Furuno GP1670F GPS and fishfinder:

  1. Perfect for bright sunny days at sea

Furuno GP1670F Combination Marine GPS / Fishfinder / Chartplotter - displayThe 5.7-inch screen of the GP1670F by Furuno has a bright 800cd/m2 capacity that allows for excellent readability even when hit by direct sunlight. This ensures that even during the brightest of days, you will be able to track fishes and see what’s under the boat without a problem.

Moreover, the LCD is bonded with the AR glass which results in the lack of fogging that could interfere with the clarity of the image. So humid days, cold days or even rainy days aren’t likely to be an issue, at least as far as fogging goes.

Anyone wearing polarized sunglasses won’t need to take them off just to get a good view of the images being displays either since it doesn’t cause any black out in terms of visuals as is often the case when looking at screens. This ensures that eyesight is protected and results are still met for a satisfactory fishing trip.

  1. Very easy to install and use

On the matter of the GPS antenna, its internal nature makes for easy installation. It also comes with a feature called the RotorKey, which is a revolving menu, as well as providing you with point-and-click operations. This feature offers two functions. The knob can be rotated for zooming and pushing the knob gives you access to the GPS controls.

The Furuno GP1670F Marine GPS unit also supports C-Map 4D charts provided by Jeppesen through an SD card. This ensures that the Dual Range Chart Display feature will be very clear, particularly for those who like having the long range and short range point of view side by side. Detailed and clear description of all the features you can find in the manual.

  1. More accurate (and fun) fishing experience

Furuno GP1670F Combination Marine GPS / Fishfinder / Chartplotter with transducer

Furuno GP1670F with fish finder transducer

Now, coming to the art that sport fishing or just fishing enthusiast will love most is the ACCU-FISH and the Bottom Discrimination features. The former involves distinguishing the sizes of the fishes and the depth at which they can be found through the strength of the echo that is detected. This helps you catch the fish that you want to catch and avoid wasting time.

For the latter feature, you’ll be able to determine what kind of surface the bottom of the area you are over is, whether it’s muddy, sandy or rocky. Also, thanks to the White Line Function that the device comes with, fish that lie near the very bottom can be distinguished and avoided.

  1. Extensive memory capacity

In terms of memory, you are able to have 30,000 Waypoint or Track points and 1,000 routes. The Post-processing gain control is also applied to all the displayed echoes on the screen. Finally, replacements are easily found among legacy models of the unit. Add that to the waterproof feature of the device itself, and you can find quite a few reasons for bringing this device along for even the most challenging of fishing trips.


The first thing that will likely make you think twice is the hefty price tag. It currently sells for around $550 on Amazon for the unit alone. With the transducer in a combo for about $700. Depending on how you would like to use it but the Furuno GP1670F does not have a touchscreen but it works with sturdy buttons. It may also need some getting used to, as with any new piece of electronics.

Final Verdict

Furuno GP1670F Combination Marine GPS / Fishfinder / Chartplotter - front

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The Furuno GP1670F marine GPS chart plotter and fishfinder can be an incredibly handy device to bring along on a fishing trip, particularly if there’s a boat involved. Experienced fishing enthusiasts will be able to determine the types of fish they’ll be able to catch and which areas they will be able to get the best haul.

The versatility of the device itself makes it perfect to bring during challenging weathers and conditions. Better yet, even beginners can make use of the device fairly easily so that their fishing experience will be as fruitful as those of the experts.