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If you truly are a golf enthusiast, then you should know by now that season should not be a hindrance to playing your most loved sport. How do you think PGA champions stay fired up? Do you actually think they rest during the whole winter time?

Well, all players, be it golf or any other sport, do need some time off to rest their tired bodies and mind. However, keep in mind that one should not rest be too long as the body might forget what it must do in perfect motion.

With this being said, winter is no excuse to slack off from sports practice. One might even question the need to play golf during winter when it is freezing cold. There is no actual need to do so but if playing golf is what your heart desires, then you can find more ways than one to do it regardless of season.

If you live in the Midwest portion of the United States, then you must perfectly understand golfing during winter. With roughly around five months of winter yearly, are you seriously willing to give up golf that easily?

Some golf experts say that if you actually train during winter, you will be more ready than ever for the golf season. Here are several tips and tricks we have gathered to keep you fired up in playing golf even during the winter season.

  1. Check your form in front of a mirror

Whoever said that golf has to be mastered outside does not know the importance of achieving a perfect form in order to hit the tees. In golf, every part of the body must be correctly aligned in order to give out the perfect swing. So how do you know that your form is good?

Get a mirror. Whether it is practicing your swinging form inside the house or taking a mirror out (which could be a bit vain looking for others), do this and make the necessary changes. Remember that the club shaft should be parallel to the left arm while the right arm must always stay tucked to your side.

Another thing you can do is get some PGA championship series and study the champions’ forms. Study their body alignment when getting ready for a swing and may be try to imitate it. You might be surprised of the difference it actually makes.

  1. Know the meaning of realistic par and accept it

Yes experts encourage playing golf in the winter as it poses more of a challenge and because it will surely get you into a better shape. But it does not mean that you have to play flawlessly each and every time you go out.

Winter, as cold as it is, can get your mind running as you think of more ways to hit your goals. The course is certainly not the same as the last season. For this, you have to change your tactics just as the season changes. In the end, there is no doubt you will be a better golfer.

Experts also say that winter is a confidence-boosting season. Make no place for procrastination and just do what you have to do on the course. If you can hit the hole with the addition of only two strokes than the usual, then you are getting the hang of winter golf.

  1. Get some yellow balls

Tips to play golf in the winter periodPlaying golf with the usual white ball during winter could mean more time looking for the ball than playing ball. With winter frost possibly everywhere, looking for a white ball is not exactly the best idea unless you have got a dozen people scattered around the course.

This is probably why some of the greatest golf ball makers today offer golf balls in the color yellow. Are you even aware that yellow is the most visible color in the spectrum? Hence, yellow can be easily seen even at long distances and even with the presence of our dear winter frost.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Do you know that alcohol lowers your core and peripheral body temperature even more? It is winter and temperature is naturally low. Contrary to what people think that alcohol can warm the body’s system and prepare itself for some golf loving, it actually lowers your body temperature further making you cold from inside out. With that being said, you just cannot expect your body to be on top shape for producing some perfect swings.

What you must drink and eat if you are to play golf during winter are black coffee, green tea, coconut milk, and load up on protein from lean meat, pork, or may be opt for a protein shake instead.

  1. Know the most common winter shot tips

We have put together the most common winter shot tips for you to review before hitting the course. Here they are:

  • Tee the ball slightly lower than normal in order to produce a lower ball flight with less spin. Move it an inch or two to the back and turn your body weight to produce the most impact to the ball.
  • Minimize ground contact with irons. You can actually take several extra clubs to solve this.
  • Be wise in club selection. Wet ground will only grab your club more. Use straight-faced clubs or pitching wedge.
  • Take short breaks as much as possible because the ball friction increases as the grass becomes wet.

Winter can actually be a great time to explore your golf talents and capabilities. It is also a great time to learn more and challenge oneself so make the most out of it with these helpful tips in mind. Read more tips, tricks and reviews on – please use our contact form if you want to leave a message.